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Bug#624807: libav 0.7 transition

On Sat, Oct  1, 2011 at 18:56:57 +0200, Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:

> Here's a status update on the libav transition. The old ffmpeg package
> still needs to vanish from testing.
> I've NMUd libphash and elmerfem today.

> The following packages are present in testing and FTBFS when built 
> against libav/0.7.1. The bugs have been usertagged with the user 
> jmm@debian.org and the tag libav07:
> picard (638244) (last maint upload in 2009)
> avbin (632133) (last maint upload in 2009)
> kino (634214) (last maint upload in 2009)
> electricsheep (638560) (last maint upload in 2009)
> -> I suggest to remove these four from testing, some have reverse 
> Recommends, but no rev deps exist
Hinted out.

> motion (640562)
> gnash (638249) 
Gnash is now fixed.

In wheezy, there's also:
- imageshack-uploader (OOD on some archs where one of its build-deps
  doesn't exist anymore; need a bug filed),
- lynkeos.app (part of gnustep transition),
- paraview (RC-buggy),
- cherokee (FTBFS on mips; need a bug filed).


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