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Re: Uploaded dpkg (source i386 all) to master

>>"J" == J H M Dassen <jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

 >> I think this is a important, if not grave, bug in dpkg. Any
 >> move of this magnitude should be discussed, possibly written into
 >> policy, and care should be taken that the rest of the system is ready
 >> for it. 

 J> I believed there to be concensus that GPG support was a good
 J> thing, and ought to be implemented ASAP. (For instance, some
 J> people can't currently develop Debian packages as they refuse to
 J> use PGP because of non-freeness).

	Yes, there was such a consensus. And we should move towards
 that goal, with due care. But the firsat step is not to make gpg the
 default in dpkg. The first step is to set it up as an *optional*
 alternative; work out the bugs, update the documentation, and move in
 an orderly fashion towards gpg. 

	Right now, as I said, dpkg-dev is broken, since gpg is not
 yet ready, nor is anything else that could support the replacement. 

	This unseemly haste makes it harder for us to make the

 >> That is not good enough. Until dinstall is in place, the
 >> default should be with pgp. As such, dpkg is broken.

 J> You might want to remove this version of dpkg from Incoming then.

	Yes, except that since you are the maintainer, yuou should be
 the one to do it. Please reverse the defaults in the next upload. 

 J> I consider this a problem with dinstall, rather than dpkg. Dpkg
 J> now defaults to a using a free software package for signing source
 J> and binary packages; free software is what Debian is about.

	*Sigh*. The idea is good, ther timing is rotten. When gpg is
 useable we should be doing it. Until then, keep the default as it

	Did you not just report a bug against gpg saying how it can't
 be used in non-interactive mode? 

	gpg is not yet mature. Prematurely moving to it is just going
 to sour people off the product. 

 >> dpkg should not make changes of this magnitude without
 >> discussion and approval of the policy group.

 J> The issue of supporting GPG has come up in a "release goals" discussion;
 J> there seemed to be no significant objections.

	Of courtse not. The issue here is whether we have an orderly
 transition, or we proceed to break things. The latter is juvenile.

 J> I'd like to see Ian take control of dpkg again. Prior to uploading this dpkg
 J> NMU I asked him whether he'd mind my changes; he didn't.

	Then I find issue with his judgement of changing the defaults
 as well.


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