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Re: Uploaded tmpreaper 1.4.8 (source i386) to master

On Wed 16 Sep 1998, Raul Miller wrote:
> If tmpreaper is an example of a "specialized requirement", then
> wouldn't a lot of other optional packages also be examples of
> "specialized requirements" [sysnews, the package immediately
> above tmpreaper when sorting by priority in dselect, for example].

I indeed think that more packages should have "extra" as priority...
My opinion of tmpreaper's status may be revised, see Manoj's message
and my followup there.

> However, it might be appropriate to focus on some of the ways that
> tmpreaper can damage the system.  For example, I've had tmpreaper
> delete ssh-agent sockets on long-lived ssh sessions.  [Not that 
> there were any keys in the agents, but it can be very inconvenient
> to recreate the agent across a dispersed session].

That's a good one. How about /var/tmp?
Anyway, I could add a line to the default config to protect ssh-* stuff?

Paul Slootman
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http://www.wurtel.demon.nl | Murphy Software,   Enschede,   the Netherlands

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