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#548419: MySQL package split patch Re: #548419: MySQL package split patch [update] 3rd Debian Groupware Meeting 2009-04-09 to 2009-04-11 [bts-link] source package akonadi-googledata [bts-link] source package kde-l10n [bts-link] source package kde4libs [bts-link] source package kdeartwork [bts-link] source package kdebase [bts-link] source package kdebase-runtime [bts-link] source package kdebase-workspace [bts-link] source package kdeedu [bts-link] source package kdegames [bts-link] source package kdegraphics [bts-link] source package kdelibs [bts-link] source package kdemultimedia [bts-link] source package kdenetwork [bts-link] source package kdepim [bts-link] source package kdeplasma-addons [bts-link] source package kdesdk [bts-link] source package kdeutils [bts-link] source package kdewebdev [bts-link] source package koffice [bts-link] source package libspectre [bts-link] source package meta-kde [bts-link] source package oxygen-icons [bts-link] source package qt4-x11 [bts-link] source package src:wv2 Re: [debian-mysql] Bug#548419: #548419: MySQL package split patch [update] akonadi-googledata_1.0.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED akonadi_1.3.1-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Bug#100894: marked as done (file already exists dialog is unclear) Bug#103864: marked as done (konsole: Doesn't write to /var/run/utmp) Bug#118777: marked as done (kdm: should check for a new X11 server binary before starting it) Bug#180801: marked as done (kword: Ruler almost invisible with dark colors) Bug#186515: marked as done (kmail: Error displaying date in quotes) Bug#198754: marked as done (Tags->Other->StyleSheet: add common font selections) Bug#206843: marked as done (ktalkd does not work correctly when run under user nobody) Bug#217337: (no subject) Bug#223673: marked as done (krdc/krfb: connection interrupted) Bug#238463: marked as done (konqueror can only find the top node of info files using the info:/ URL) Bug#242400: marked as done (artsd hangs around after logout, preventing others from using 3D graphichs) Bug#249784: closed by Olivier Vitrat <> (Closing bug #249784) Bug#249784: marked as done (kdm: Patch for SE/Linux 2.6 Security enhancements) Bug#250743: krfb: server disconnects with first action after entering password. Bug#252571: marked as done (konqueror doesn't end process, so CD won't unmount) Bug#257136: marked as done (please support transparency) Bug#265344: marked as done (arts: loud hissing sound with libao2 on powerpc/sid) Bug#267621: marked as done (libarts1: white noise and crashes on ppc) Bug#276758: marked as done (Doesn't show rss feeds content for one configured feed) Bug#276759: marked as done (Additional possibility to add categories) Bug#276760: marked as done (Sorting of RSS feeds) Bug#277326: marked as done (kwalletmanager: Please clearly document behaviour for logging onto websites) Bug#305481: marked as done (knode: Disable automatic setting of Followup-To header for cross-posted articles) Bug#311648: marked as done (Warning clean on libqt3-headers 3.3.4-3) Bug#325972: marked as done (warning on console when starting kmenuedit : "kmenuedit: WARNING: Could not read [...]") Bug#326552: marked as done (ksirc: Can't edit topic line with "T" button on public channel) Bug#328978: marked as done (mailto: for Gnome start-up not supported) Bug#330996: marked as done (ksirc: dishighlight state is not restored) Bug#333505: marked as done (devices: locking devices, can't umount devices) Bug#335013: marked as done (Kandy has no icon) Bug#348141: marked as done (kmail: Newly created IMAP receive postbox does not show folders and crashes on subscribing) Bug#348569: marked as done (ksirc: Ctrl-V does not paste) Bug#349482: marked as done (kuser: incorrect MD5 usage in shadow password) Bug#353347: umbrello: crashes on delete Bug#354071: marked as done (ksudoku: does not always generate puzzles with unique solutions) Bug#357043: marked as done (korganizer reminder daemon leaks memory) Bug#359784: marked as done (konqueror encodes URL-encoded Unicode strings twice) Bug#364119: closed by Olivier Vitrat <> (Closing Debian bug 364119) Bug#364119: marked as done (kwin writes to disk synchronously) Bug#367085: marked as done (qt3-qtconfig: the point size is always shown as 6) Bug#377439: marked as done (kmail: Doesn't remember that window was hidden / trayed on session restore.) Bug#378185: marked as done (Tiny protocol icons use too much vertical space in Detailed view) Bug#379002: marked as done (kpilot: two "Unfiled" categories in palm address book) Bug#380751: marked as done (kdebase: Print key taken by global action "AccessKey" -- cannot be changed) Bug#384604: marked as done (Cannot drop icons on second screen) Bug#385558: marked as done (superkaramba: man page bogus) Bug#385562: marked as done (superkaramba: badly documented) Bug#386334: marked as done (ktalkd: inetd as nobody.tty causes setgid/setuid as myuser: Operation not permitted) Bug#388341: Drop pmount recommends for KDE4 Bug#389045: (no subject) Bug#390942: marked as done (korn: Freezes if network connection is lost. Then crashes system when trying to kill.) Bug#393780: marked as done (kmail: reproducably crahes on signing huge (150MB) attachment) Bug#394719: About bug # 394719 in Debian BTS Bug#395153: marked as done (kuickshow: autorotate by exif-flag) Bug#395570: marked as done (Num Lock setup in kdm does not work properly) Bug#396230: marked as done (konqueror: crashes when attempting to print a png image served by Kubra i-Doxs 3.0) Bug#397401: marked as done (global shortcuts sometimes do not work) Bug#398414: marked as done (konqueror: ..I'd like a "clear this crash only" in the crash recovery tool) Bug#399000: marked as done (cervisia: Is opened erroneously by firefox for local directories) Bug#401561: marked as done (kdelibs: kio_http_cache_cleaner causes thrashing) Bug#401723: marked as done (korganizer: crash when updating event using exchange 2000 plugin) Bug#402084: "konsolekalendar seems to have useless default behaveour" Bug#402084: About bug # 402084 in Debian BTS Bug#405867: marked as done (Debian patch breaks some headers with accents) Bug#406075: marked as done (kmail: process for protocol died unexpectedly) Bug#408092: marked as done (libqt3-mt: Using arrow keys in save/open dialogs skips files) Bug#408404: marked as done (korganizer: reminder occurs even if event already deleted from remote calendar) Bug#408520: marked as done (crash while sending) Bug#408581: marked as done (hang when opening (double click) a contact) Bug#408858: marked as done (kdelibs4-dev [gnu-kfreebsd]: slowdown of KDE after installing kdelibs4-dev, caused by .la files) Bug#410333: marked as done (font problems in start-up screen and kdm-started window managers) Bug#410635: marked as done (kdm: downloaded wallpaper not found by login mgr) Bug#411114: marked as done (three places to enter identity, unclear relation) Bug#412533: marked as done (kmail: checking imap mail progress bar stuck at 9%) Bug#413984: marked as done (Strange interpretation of manpages) Bug#415528: marked as done (kde: KDE freezes when nvidia driver is used in xorg) Bug#416057: marked as done (/usr/bin/artsd: ignores ESPEAKER variable when configured for esd) Bug#416207: marked as done (libarts1c2a: /usr/bin/artsd dies with Assertion `pcm' failed.) Bug#416849: marked as done (backtrace of unreproducible knode crash) Bug#416906: marked as done (icons: align to grid) Bug#418617: marked as done (kde: automount media window not sized correctly) Bug#418658: marked as done (Can't mount USB floppy via KDE+hal+pmount) Bug#419497: marked as done (ALT+F2) Bug#421541: marked as done (kaddressbook: GMX import/export filter doesn't use the current .gmxa format) Bug#422701: marked as done (kontact: crash on startup) Bug#423438: marked as done (kdelibs4c2a: cupsdoprint -P 'Mail PDF File' execution failed with message: client-error-not-found) Bug#425267: marked as done (umount timeout too short for some devices) Bug#425880: marked as done (Crashes when Shift+clicking on autoloading pdf article download url) Bug#426106: marked as done (kspread: Making formula ctrl c then " key pressed gives flood of chars) Bug#427628: marked as done (quanta: Quanta depends on CVS. It shouldn't) Bug#428141: marked as done (kontakt: When using IMAP as storage, kmail gets always started) Bug#428651: marked as done (SIGABRT when QGArray calls malloc()) Bug#428901: marked as done (kpilotDaemon crashes on quit) Bug#432315: marked as done (kontact: kmail doesn't handle .ics files as it should) Bug#432346: marked as done (kamera: delay when copying files from PTP camera) Bug#432598: Font sizes are not right when first starting kdm Bug#435760: About bug # 435760 in Debian BTS Bug#436163: marked as done (koffice: Needs to use poppler for Lenny) Bug#436265: marked as done (Use-Last-Folder Mode is always enabled?) Bug#437091: marked as done (kpilotDaemon hangs when "usb:" is used as handheld device) Bug#437153: marked as done (Empty folder list with GroupDav(citadel)) Bug#438205: marked as done (race condition: kdeprint sometimes fails on printing jobs which are removed after kdeprint exits) Bug#440012: marked as done (konsole no longer plays with SCIM) Bug#440096: marked as done (KDM/GDM/XDM - unable to log in) Bug#440679: marked as done (kscreensaver: Phosphor scripting option removed?) Bug#443049: About bug # 443049 in Debian BTS Bug#443498: marked as done (kdelibs-data: Confusing mime type: application/x-rar-compressed) Bug#444125: marked as done (quanta: a just opened file isn't displayed completely) Bug#446370: marked as done (konqueror: segfault on tab close) Bug#446435: marked as done (kde: holding down a key does not make the key repeat in KDE) Bug#447491: marked as done (Access to external devices from the desktop is broken when using UUID) Bug#447498: marked as done (KOrganizer: not any "Program Arguments") Bug#447570: marked as done (akregator: wrong encoding on displaying articles) Bug#449151: marked as done (please split up console8x16.pcf into a proper font package) Bug#452602: marked as done (kdebase-bin: Screen lock password check fails) Bug#454307: marked as done (krdc: stores a single password for each host in kwallet) Bug#454586: (no subject) Bug#454927: marked as done (kdebase: KDE fails to start due to ~/.kde/share/config/kcminputrc) Bug#456084: marked as done (gcc warnings: #define redefined) Bug#456284: marked as done (kmail: message list scrolls back and forth during mail check) Bug#456933: marked as done (konqueror: arrow up and down keys skip entries in multi-column view) Bug#457436: marked as done (XDMCP stopped working) Bug#458821: test in 4:3.5.9.dfsg.1-6 Bug#460421: marked as done (kompare: display garbage instead unicode characters in diffs) Bug#460619: 'ark' stalls (or hangs if called externally) opening encrypted '.zip' file Bug#460619: stalls (or hangs if called externally) opening encrypted '.zip' file. Bug#463198: marked as done (kword: KWord Crashes on ctrl+backspace) Bug#463438: marked as done (kword: Font regressions since kde 3.5.7 in lenny but not kubuntu) Bug#463681: marked as done (kuickshow: Animated GIF support would be nice) Bug#464375: marked as done (libqt4-dev: Manpage for uic-qt4 is actually for uic-qt3) Bug#464729: /etc/kde3/kdm/XSession fails to detect some shells Bug#465758: marked as done (kio-media: handle cryped volumes/devices) Bug#466686: marked as done (kdebase-bin recommends gdb) Bug#470041: marked as done (konqueror: After a while, web pages are displayed as source code) Bug#471134: marked as done (konqueror: Changing web shortcut delimiter is impossible) Bug#471278: kde: kcm modules should be shown only in KDE Bug#471349: marked as done (konqueror: spacer between hotkey and keyword is reset always back to ":") Bug#471350: marked as done (konqueror is sometimes not able to contact klauner) Bug#475056: marked as done (kdepim: Kmail has deleted the receiving accounts and has clear the receiving ones) Bug#475169: marked as done ([kaddressbook] KAdressbook doesn't handle UTF8 when the contacts are stored in an IMAP folder) Bug#475702: marked as done (Konqueror does not automatically update existing files when accessed through system:/media protocol) Bug#476402: marked as done (kdebase-bin: kcheckpass does not update Kerberos ticket cache) Bug#476453: marked as done (konsole: ctrl-d stops working) Bug#476500: marked as done (konqueror: file shortcut keys (a-z) don't work for smb shares) Bug#477639: kde: Thunderbird (icedove) is not restored on a saved session, session manager Bug#481291: marked as done (kate: Spellcheck replacing words at the static word wrap limit with longer corrections causes havoc) Bug#481703: marked as done (quanta: crashes X randomly on startup) Bug#481759: Can be closed Bug#481759: marked as done (konsole: Backspace behavior breaks aptitude, screen) Bug#482187: marked as done (qt4-designer: designer does not use colors configured with qt4-config) Bug#482286: marked as done (qt4-designer: segfault when loading Kde extensions) Bug#482344: marked as done (gwenview: crashes when opening a very big .png ( > 30Mb in this case)) Bug#482609: marked as done (kdepim-kio-plugins: kmail downloads the same messages in each mail check) Bug#484312: kdm: logging out fails Bug#484422: marked as done (SEGV on konqueror startup with no URL) Bug#484628: marked as done (problems with default spamassassin filters in kmail) Bug#485571: marked as done (konsole: Bug in documentation: it sends the user to a nonexistent file) Bug#485624: marked as done (kword crashes when trying to insert a formula) Bug#485822: marked as done (kmail: KMail crashes when trying to read IMAP folder with new messages.) Bug#486280: marked as done (libkcal2b: recommends kaddressbook) Bug#487155: marked as done ([ark] unable to extract or display hebrew filenames in zip archive) Bug#487522: marked as done (send to bluetooth) Bug#488072: marked as done (templates for new messages don't work when clicking an address inside kmail) Bug#488610: marked as done ([kaddressbook] Creating New Distribution List just not works) Bug#491508: (no subject) Bug#492491: marked as done (Just pressing and holding "a" in konsole recently makes X eat all cpu) Bug#492855: marked as done (quanta should suggest w3-recs package) Bug#493235: Items in submenus are not alphabetically ordered Bug#494190: marked as done (bad unread messages number for imap directories) Bug#494926: knetwalk crash when puzzle completed Bug#494926: marked as done (knetwalk crash when puzzle completed) Bug#494971: karm: KArm doesn't honor the 'detect idle after XX minutes' setting Bug#494971: marked as done (karm: KArm doesn't honor the 'detect idle after XX minutes' setting) Bug#495293: marked as done (krdc: scaled view is not reset when connection breaks unexpecedly) Bug#495599: kdrc does not support non-us-keyboards Bug#495601: marked as done (kdm: Creates $HOME/.Xauthority with root:root ownership) Bug#495983: marked as done (korganizer: Daynames/numbers are displayed more then once) Bug#497046: marked as done (kwalletmanager: Insecure auto closing of wallet) Bug#498130: marked as done ([KDE] after update to KDE4.1.1 I cannot start KDE as a regular user) Bug#498701: marked as done (qt4-dev-tools: missing recommend qt4-doc-html) Bug#498903: marked as done (krita: Can't import files with dcraw: non-numeric argument to -n) Bug#499528: kate: some Vietnamese characters not displayed when utf-8 encoding is selected Bug#499528: marked as done (kate: some Vietnamese characters not displayed when utf-8 encoding is selected) Bug#499658: marked as done (kmtrace crashes while loading a trace dump) Bug#501405: marked as done (kdm does not obey sttings edited by Login Manager) Bug#501529: marked as done ([knotes] New empty knote each time I enter the system when WM is not kwin) Bug#501778: marked as done (Error while saving &gt; in text) Bug#501813: marked as done (kde: default font for GUI is dangerous) Bug#502087: marked as done (umbrello makes Xorg take 95% of cpu) Bug#502124: kde do strange things when some packages are installed by dpkg Bug#502277: marked as done (kpilot: Tungsten E2 sync: duplicate entrys or 99% of events deleted) Bug#502530: marked as done (kmix, channel settings changed with new login) Bug#502662: marked as done (kmail: Can't use external editor) Bug#503985: error loading the module Embeddable Image Viewer Bug#503985: marked as done (error loading the module Embeddable Image Viewer) Bug#505752: marked as done (evince: Does not handle well this file) Bug#505965: closed by Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <> (Bug#505965: fixed in kdepimlibs 4:4.4.1-1) Bug#505965: marked as done (libkcal2b: "Buss- und Bettag" should not be a holiday in scheme "bavarian") Bug#505965: More info needed Bug#506814: marked as done (phonon 4.2.0-2 can cause Qt widget problems) Bug#506986: marked as done ([kontact] Charset problem in contacts with IMAP resource) Bug#508386: marked as done (libarts1c2a: artsshell -q terminate hangs during KDE logout) Bug#508589: marked as done (ppp: USB Modem removal after PPP exits kills keyboard) Bug#508589: ppp: USB Modem removal after PPP exits kills keyboard Bug#508972: marked as done (libqt4-dev: pkconfig file QtCore.pc contains builddir information... not translated to ${prefix}) Bug#511176: marked as done (kspread chokes on Fibonacci sequence) Bug#511337: kwikdisk doesn't show the size of smbshare and mounted pendrive Bug#511399: marked as done (kuickshow: Print too much copies) Bug#512073: marked as done (konqueror: Kontact URL open with Konqueror gives crash report) Bug#513195: marked as done (konsole: setting the size gives two extra lines) Bug#513323: marked as done (akregator: system tray icon doesnt restore) Bug#513518: marked as done (kontact crash on Summary page) Bug#513812: marked as done (kaddressbook: Program committed suicide) Bug#514269: /usr/bin/kwin: Must move the window for get the content refresh Bug#515282: marked as done (okular: In "Fit Width" mode, scrollbars can toggle on and off) Bug#515625: marked as done ([kmail] crash when assigning certificate for S/MIME signing/encryption to an identity) Bug#516130: kde keyboard layout tool does not switch language Bug#516228: marked as done (kmail: Empty trash only empty mail in selected groups) Bug#517547: marked as done (koqnueror crashes reproducibly on loading excite mail) Bug#518101: excessive flickering using kubrick Bug#518310: marked as done (konqueror find function lacks 'open folder' context entry for found files) Bug#518693: marked as done (konsole: "ALT+TAB" to Konsole is slow when Window Effects are actived) Bug#518809: About bug # 518809 in Debian BTS Bug#518809: marked as done (krfb: letters get typed twice for each keypress) Bug#518814: marked as done (plasma crashed when moving calendar widget) Bug#519212: kget: hogs audio device for no good reason Bug#519212: marked as done (kget: hogs audio device for no good reason) Bug#519518: marked as done (/usr/bin/plasma: plasma segfault) Bug#520150: marked as done ([kde] Regression: accent are not displayed) Bug#520222: marked as done (kontact: kmail crashes after training some emails as no spam) Bug#520816: marked as done (kontact: kaddressvook crashes after adding an email address) Bug#520850: marked as done (yakuake leaks file descriptors to the shell and subprocesses...) Bug#523332: marked as done ([kalarm] crashes on every startup) Bug#523354: Same problem Bug#523354: Solved Bug#523440: kde4: a and e as begin and end of line binding in active line input Bug#523477: marked as done (kile: syntax highlighting disappears when a file is reload) Bug#523521: marked as done (ark: Drap & drop to desktop folderview does not work) Bug#523551: marked as done (Quanta bug) Bug#524005: marked as done (kmail: Bounce creates a DSN messages to sender which is undesired and cannot be turned off.) Bug#524213: marked as done ([kdebase] Internet menu is empty) Bug#524234: marked as done ([KDE4] After upgrade from KDE3 to KDE4 a dbus-error message is display every few seconds when beeing on the console.) Bug#524729: marked as done ([other] Multimedia hot keys should work by default in KDE.) Bug#525108: /usr/bin/lancelot: Lancelot crashes unexpectedly Bug#525225: (no subject) Bug#525225: marked as done (krdc: copy/paste doesn't work with rdp protocol) Bug#526082: marked as done ([cpufrequtils] after upgrade pushes kded4 to 80% cpuload) Bug#526159: konqueror: Piwik dashboard items collapsed Bug#526444: The safely remove option for a second pendrive dissapears after safely removing a first one Bug#526848: Died with sigseg Bug#527049: marked as done (kmail: lost 'leave message on server' setting) Bug#527121: printer-applet: error message "client-error-bad-request" pops up on every startup Bug#528207: marked as done (Segmentation fault on first startup) Bug#528369: is last security patch in kdegraphics correct? Bug#528369: marked as done (is last security patch in kdegraphics correct?) Bug#528962: marked as done (kleopatra fails to import pkcs12 certificate exported by icedove) Bug#529002: marked as done (korganizer: crashes with SIGILL when attempting to edit recurring event) Bug#529883: marked as done (libqt4-dbus: missing manpage manual for qdbus) Bug#529896: Can't re-size ksystemlog small enough to fit on screen Bug#529896: marked as done (Can't re-size ksystemlog small enough to fit on screen) Bug#530522: marked as done (kdelibs-bin has circular Depends on kdelibs5) Bug#530576: marked as done (kmplot: Allow for plotting of...) Bug#530741: marked as done (set all my mails marked NEW as OLD) Bug#531004: oxygen: Duplicate files could be linked Bug#531076: marked as done (konqueror: Submenues "Alle Kategorien ansehen" in are grey) Bug#531493: marked as done (dolphin: Cannot move items to wastebin/trash in Dolphin) Bug#532038: marked as done (plasma-widgets-workspace: Application Launcher menu garbled) Bug#532177: kdebase-runtime: mouse cursor invisible Bug#532409: marked as done (konqueror: Copy and paste of image data doesn't work) Bug#532732: marked as done (kde-minimal: Ctrl-Fx to select workspace only works for Workspaces 1-4) Bug#532969: [kdelibs5] Bug#532969: [konqueror] konqueror: when accessing password-protected site, konqueror ignores mime type Bug#532969: marked as done (konqueror: https kioslave ignores mime type) Bug#533561: GO for the l10n upload of kdebase-workspace Bug#538298: [dolphin] No freezes with DBus 1.2.22? Bug#539358: marked as done (kdebase: rendering problems/graphical bug with fglrx and windows interaction) Bug#540778: marked as done (kde theme: sticky thumb/tack is black (lost icon?)) Bug#540799: marked as done (kde theme: sticky thumb/tack is black (lost icon?)) Bug#542800: marked as done (klinkstatus: crashes while quitting & performing a sort list) Bug#542830: marked as done (dolphin: "information" tray icon fails to respond after a while) Bug#543733: Possible Solution Bug#543943: Powerdevil: closing laptop lid does not work when the screensaver is active Bug#546370: marked as done (general: KDE provokes Xorg to take too much CPU and RAM) Bug#547250: closed by Olivier Vitrat Bug#547250: marked as done (rbuic4 skip some properties) Bug#547493: marked as done (Silent segfault on Bug#547801: [krdc] Lost sync Bug#550016: marked as done (okular: Overwriting saved files (error messages)) Bug#550069: marked as done (kde: Eratic behavior of arrow key in file selector) Bug#550866: marked as done (broken password line edits with three stars) Bug#551474: marked as done (oxygen-icon-theme: missing icons after last update) Bug#551920: marked as done (kde-standard recommends konq-plugins >= 4.3.1, but only 4.3.0 exists) Bug#552774: bug 552774 closed Bug#552774: marked as done (kmail: unable to sign email with gpg) Bug#552795: marked as done (/usr/bin/kde4: kwin crash on alt+tab) Bug#553645: marked as done ([akonadi-googledata] FTBFS with binutils-gold) Bug#553671: marked as done (broken password line edits with three stars) Bug#554696: marked as done (FTBFS with binutils-gold) Bug#555474: Reassign to openchrome driver Bug#555747: no interfaces listed in Network interfaces tab Bug#556145: Cuenta / Maintainance Update! Bug#556264: marked as done ([kdelibs5-data] all_languages file should be provided by kdelibs5-data, not kdelibs-data) Bug#557403: Merging with #564048 Bug#559458: kgpg: default selection is considered weak Bug#560686: marked as done (meta-kde: nothing pulls khelpcenter4) Bug#560838: marked as done (libqt4-dbus: kded4 segfault) Bug#561762: kde4libs: many webkit vulnerabilities Bug#561783: marked as done (konqueror: Javascript reports time wrongly (TimezoneOffset is wrong)) Bug#562578: Cuenta / Maintainance Update! Bug#562973: kde-minimal: xmahjong is hidden by kicker bar Bug#564002: marked as done ([akregator] gui freezes for seconds every now and then) Bug#564085: marked as done ([kwrite] Kwrite crashes on triple clicks) Bug#564146: marked as done (FindKDE4Internal.cmake sets settings which violate debian RPATH policy) Bug#564514: akonadi-server: Fails to start up due to missing tables Bug#564514: Fails to start up due to missing tables Bug#564683: marked as done (Please build-depend on firebird2.1-dev) Bug#565349: marked as done (kdm: KDM kills X after first start) Bug#565349: Seems to be fixed Bug#565731: marked as done (qt4-x11: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD) Bug#565816: system-config-printer-kde: using es_CO.UTF-8 Bug#566113: /usr/lib/utempter/utempter has wrong group and permissions Bug#566113: /usr/lib/utempter/utempter has wrong group and permissions Bug#566167: marked as done (google-gadgets: Use soup, not curl for xml_http_request) Bug#566168: marked as done (google-gadgets: Fix options menu for World Daylight Clock) Bug#566169: marked as done (google-gadgets: Fix gtk expose events (gtk >= 2.18)) Bug#566251: backtrace Bug#566251: fixed upstream Bug#566259: marked as done (g++-4.4: FTBFS because of mangled std::va_list) Bug#566897: marked as done (src:kdebindings: ImportError: No module named sipconfig) Bug#567528: (no subject) Bug#567528: package due to unfulfilled dependency Bug#567528: python-kde4: Uninstallable package due to unfulfilled dependency Bug#567528: Uninstallable package due to unfulfilled dependency Bug#568060: korganizer: Import of CSV from outlook calendar not present and working very unfortunately Bug#568186: marked as done (libqt4-dbus: [PATCH] Manpage for qdbus (see lintian warnings)) Bug#568264: marked as done (kile: Kile crash on triple clic at end of file) Bug#568497: marked as done (kile: Kile crash on triple clic at end of file) Bug#569211: printer-applet: AttributeError: 'JobManager' object has no attribute 'printer_uri_index' Re: Bug#570369: kdm in squeeze is unable to handle kdm themes which worked in lenny Bug#570714: kdelibs5: Icons for GNOME applications .desktop-files are not displayed Bug#571609: kdm: Please provide a Xreset hook using a common framework Bug#571609: kdm: Please provide a Xreset hook using a common framework Bug#571721: Crashes all the time when scanning mails Bug#571924: kdebindings not binNMUable Bug#571990: [libqt4-dev] Reopen bug closed without reason Bug#571990: libqt4-dev: Upload 4.6 in unstable Bug#571990: marked as done (libqt4-dev: Upload 4.6 in unstable) Bug#572221: libqt4-core: Kontact segfaults when switching to Korganiser since update to 4:4.6.2-1 Bug#572221: marked as done (libqt4-core: Kontact segfaults when switching to Korganiser since update to 4:4.6.2-1) Bug#572269: [meta-kde] Please package KDE SC 4.4.1 Bug#572374: please consider Section: Education Bug#572434: libphonon4: upgrade will remove the entire kde Bug#572493: qtcreator: starts very slowly with qt 4.6.2-1 from experimental Bug#572493: qtcreator: starts very slowly with qt 4.6.2-1 from experimental Bug#572519: kdebase-workspace-bin: krunner sometimes don't load with alt+f2 Bug#572759: Typo in package description: "usesr" Bug#572786: plasmapkg: no way to find out which options the argument --type can handle Bug#572915: It would be important that kmail can open PST files Bug#573015: libutempter0: /usr/lib/utempter/utempter should be world readable Bug#573063: konsole kfreebsd-i386 blank (terminal) display Bug#573166: libkexiv2-7: libkexiv2 doesn't extract language alternative value correctly Bug#573268: Monitor swich crashes plasma. Bug#573292: kdebindings: Python (>= 2.6) extensions are not installed Bug#573322: krita: Can't open JPG with unicode characters in path Bug#573358: akregator: Should replace Debian Times feed with Debian News Bug#573421: kdeprint: deletes some files when printing multiple files Bug#573441: kdebase-runtime: /usr/bin/trash4 is a dangling symlink Bug#573520: okular: Fails to "Save As" a file (Try to save in to another location...) Bug#573619: kmail installs a mail server Bug#573753: incorrect information Bug#573753: kde-standard: Desktop effects suspended when member of staff Bug#573811: [kdevelop-php] Please package the 1.0.0~beta4 version Bug#573811: marked as done ([kdevelop-php] Please package the 1.0.0~beta4 version) Bug#573865: /usr/bin/kolourpaint: no entry in gnome application menu Bug#573913: kmail: Other message selected spontaneously when activities change on date change Bug#573982: dragonplayer: Dragon Player is unusable for reading video files Bug#574015: kde4libs: [INTL:de] updated German debconf translation Bug#574043: qmake-qt4: QFileInfo::absolutePath: Constructed with empty filename Bug#574092: kaddressbook unable to open vCards with ENCODING=8BIT inside Bug#574304: akonadi-googledata: FTBFS: debian/rules:3: /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/makefiles/1/debhelper/ No such file or directory Bug#574304: marked as done (akonadi-googledata: FTBFS: debian/rules:3: /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/makefiles/1/debhelper/ No such file or directory) Bug#574559: oxygen-icon-theme: device icons are missing mounted/umounted versions Bug#574686: Systemsettings fails Bug#574802: dragonplayer: Subtitles created by dvdauthor's spumux are broken in Dragon Player Bug#574815: illegal version number in package dependencies Bug#574929: qt4-designer: Error while reparenting! segmentation fault Bug#574981: kdebase-bin: KNetAttach menu entry in XFCE, but no application installed Bug#575115: phonon: needs to depend on libxine1-x Bug#575119: dragonplayer: needs to depend on libxine1-x Bug#575120: kdebase-runtime: dependency on libxine1? Bug#575179: kdelibs4c2a: Dependency on menu-xdg is too strong? Bug#575542: klipper doesn't save text sometimes Bug#575543: klipper's menu Bug#575602: Cannot set link name Bug#575631: taskbar shows hidden windows Bug#575632: Alt+tab shows all windows Bug#575718: kde crash handler: unable to report upstream problems with kscreenlocker The last update was on 16:33 GMT Sun May 20. There are 1056 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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