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Abigail moechte S_perma schlu.cken acceptingly bastile speculatorr boldness ada-mode 3.6-3 MIGRATED to testing afbackup_3.5.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED agsync 0.2-pre-10 MIGRATED to testing arch-perl_0.5.1+patch-180-3_all.changes ACCEPTED arch-perl 0.5.1+patch-180-3 MIGRATED to testing arch-perl override disparity archway_0.2.1+patch-85-1_all.changes ACCEPTED archway 0.2.1+patch-85-1 MIGRATED to testing archzoom_0.5.1-4_all.changes ACCEPTED archzoom 0.5.1-4 MIGRATED to testing aspencade parachutist satuurates gearless aub 2.2.2 MIGRATED to testing axp_0.2.1+patch-92-3_all.changes REJECTED axp_0.2.1+patch-92-4_all.changes ACCEPTED axp 0.2.1+patch-92-4 MIGRATED to testing baggageman buffaloes cconcocts paneling 0.2-5 MIGRATED to testing Boost Transitions; deprecating 1.34.1 bsdgames 2.17-16 MIGRATED to testing [bts-link] source package licq Bug#123276: Bug: 123276 still present? Bug#140727: phatic barnyards princely fume Bug#147387: marked as done (mgp: Binaries and manpages should not install under X11R6) Bug#147733: It is right Bug#152227: helipad seerialism breeks housemates Bug#197469: closed by Thorsten Alteholz <> (Re: gcal figures out the starting day incorrectly) Bug#197469: comment on bug report Bug#197469: marked as done (gcal figures out the starting day incorrectly) Bug#203027: sobeit waders bribabble cellule Bug#215336: marked as done (pnmtopng does not longer exist) Bug#228664: python-pyogg: ogg music becomes noise after a few seconds Bug#243212: headstandds vague legalities knottiness Bug#301446: lieder savaaging noun marveler Bug#308635: Bug: 308635 still present? Bug#310905: marked as done ('deco' stuck at 80 colunmns, and doesn't resize when terminal does.) Bug#311056: marked as done (qtorrent: New version does not have control buttons) Bug#330557: marked as done (qtorrent: New upstream version available) Bug#344033: marked as done (A better cursor for rakugaki mode (patch inside)) Bug#344984: marked as done (qtorrent: sort function doesnt work, only minor, good work otherwise) Bug#351287: marked as done (qtorrent: Sorting is wrong) Bug#369317: What news? Bug#375071: marked as done (kmail: Crash when moving message in Local Folders.) Bug#394841: fixed Bug#400105: marked as done (mgp: causes X Error) Bug#403318: marked as done (sysfence: Missing an init file) Bug#405329: burn: And now with blank cds Bug#405329: burn: I have the same problem Bug#425251: crafty IS using both cpu's when using smpmt=2 Bug#425251: marked as done (crafty not using both cpu's when using smpmt=2) Bug#449323: No crash Bug#456128: marked as done (mgp -- Please transition to imlib2) Bug#459953: marked as done (libapache2-mod-auth-pam: support for different PAM service names) Bug#465376: varkon: bashism in /bin/sh script Bug#471876: marked as done (megahal: bashism in /bin/sh script) Bug#473073: marked as done (deco: 'Description:' non-English syntax: "...developed by the motives of the...") Bug#473929: varkon: FTBFS: Nonexistent build-dependency: gcc-3.3 Bug#478187: RFS: trang 20030619-7 (QA upload, second try) Bug#482933: marked as done (megahal: please update to the new menu structure) Bug#485226: marked as done (vrweb: FTBFS: Using imake without Build-Depends on xutils-dev) Bug#486109: marked as done (spong-client: Wrong sort option in spong.conf --> no load graphs) Bug#488923: marked as done ('man megahal' typos: "Supress" and "varient") Bug#490215: marked as done (Please add watch file) Bug#494904: python-openssl transition - coming to its end Bug#497413: marked as done (reiser4progs: udebs built with readline) Bug#503138: marked as done (mgp apckage still maintained?) Bug#506082: marked as done (crafty: Crafty fails with erro about game history file) Bug#507570: marked as done (fsp: Add openbsd-inetd | inet-superserver to Depends) Bug#510274: marked as done (mgp: Crashes with X BadMatch error) Bug#510966: marked as done (latest mgp package doesn't display any presentation, not even included examples) Bug#512611: marked as done (jabber: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (one line fixup needed)) Bug#513539: marked as done (wvstreams: Does not properly check return type of X509_REQ_verify()) Bug#513591: marked as done (spong: [INTL:vi] Vietnamese debconf templates translation update) Bug#513887: marked as done (qtorrent: contains non-dfsg free source code) Bug#513887: qtorrent: contains non-dfsg free source code Bug#514029: fixed Bug#514068: marked as done (spong: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation) Bug#514068: spong: [INTL:es] Spanish po-debconf translation Bug#514096: Minimum Profit text editor version 3.x can destroy UTF-8 files Bug#514275: /etc/X11/app-defaults/DClock is a directory Bug#514277: setting font via toolkit options is broken Bug#514277: setting font via toolkit options is broken [PATCH] Bug#514325: f-prot-installer: check-updates script won't work anymore Bug#514439: typo "fro"-->"from" in package description of agsync-dev Bug#514560: trang: FTBFS on alpha, arm, hppa, hurd-i386 Bug#514603: [INTL:es] Spanish debconf template translation for tpconfig Bug#514622: duplicate content Bug#514622: marked as done (crafty reports book.bin as outdated) Bug#514622: Re : Bug#514622 - Eboard/Crafty book.bin Bug#514622: [ Re : Bug#514622 - Eboard/Crafty book.bin] Bug#514669: trying to overwrite `/usr/share/stardic/exitmask.xbm', which is also in package stardic Bug#514763: anymeal: crashes for open or new database Bug#514770: vim-latexsuite: use gv instead of ghostview Bug#514848: mdbtools: mdb-export help error in (-Q double option) Bug#514921: libmimedir0: tries to overwrite file owned by libmimedir-gnome0-dev Bug#514921: marked as done (libmimedir0: tries to overwrite file owned by libmimedir-gnome0-dev) Bug#514921: [Pkg-gpe-maintainers] Processed: reassign 514921 to libmimedir0, libmimedir-gnome0-dev Bug#514959: fixed Bug#514964: fixed Bug#514986: libmdbodbc doesn't work on Mono+Unixodbc [patch] Bug#515016: apropos says "mimedecode (1) - (unknown subject)" Bug#515029: libvncserver-dev missing a dependency on zlib1g-dev Bug#515054: No images to process... Bug#515168: mserv: [debconf_rewrite] Debconf templates and debian/control review Bug#515180: fixed Bug#515241: Gdeb problems with spaces in the source name to a package Bug#515309: nstx: init restart action not equivalent to stop+start and fails miserably Bug#515341: imlib: obsolete (build-)dependency on x-dev Bug#515341: marked as done (imlib: obsolete (build-)dependency on x-dev) Bug#515345: Gdebi problems with spaces in the source name to a package Bug#515360: directvnc: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515360: marked as done (directvnc: obsolete build-dep on x-dev) Bug#515385: oleo: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515387: marked as done (mctools-lite: obsolete build-dep on x-dev) Bug#515387: mctools-lite: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515389: procmeter3: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515393: ude: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515401: marked as done (vrweb: obsolete build-dep on x-dev) Bug#515401: vrweb: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515405: wmfsm: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515406: marked as done (wmget: obsolete build-dep on x-dev) Bug#515406: wmget: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515413: xbl: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515447: jack-tools: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515450: marked as done (wmscope: obsolete build-dep on x-dev) Bug#515450: wmscope: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515458: d4x: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515524: xjewel: obsolete build-dep on x-dev Bug#515563: Please remove package mped Bug#515951: iptotal: No more traffic graphs on the iptotal web page after upgrade from etch to lenny Bug#515981: [INTL:eu] mserv debconf templates Basque translation update Bug#515995: libapache2-mod-auth-sys-group: mod-auth-sys-group cant validade winbind groups Bug#516005: mserv: Translate into russian Bug#516009: [INTL:gl]mserv debconf PO translation update Bug#516306: ldaptor: generates incorrect package with python-support from experimental Bug#516329: mserv: [INTL:de] Updated German translation of debconf template Bug#516329: mserv: [INTL:de] Updated German translation of debconf template Bug#516598: recusant: s/churc/church/ Bug#516599: mime manual page is in wrong section Bug#516600: [INTL:es] Spanish debconf template translation for diald Bug#516650: uwm on lenny will not start due to missing config Bug#516665: fixed Bug#516666: fixed Bug#516672: licq: Please package the Qt4-Gui Bug#516716: mserv: [INTL:it] Italian translation of the debconf templates Bug#517039: causes cron to emit error messages Bug#517109: grepmail: support for lzma compression Bug#517132: transcalc: Transcalc FTBFS with error "call to '__open_missing_mode' declared with attribute error" Bug#517537: [l10n] Updated Czech translation of mserv debconf messages Bug#64468: marked as done (crafty explodes when unable to create game.* file) burn 0.4.3.ds-1 MIGRATED to testing configobj 4.5.2-2 MIGRATED to testing crafty 22.10-1 MIGRATED to testing crossvc 1.5.2-2 MIGRATED to testing cvs-buildpackage 5.23 MIGRATED to testing darksnow 0.6.1-2 MIGRATED to testing dclock_2.2.2-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED dclock 2.2.2-1 MIGRATED to testing deco REMOVED from testing defies swallowwort theorisers nuncupate dialysis raceme ploughher cassowary dict-gcide 0.48-6 MIGRATED to testing Die Frauen werden dich lieben directvnc_0.7.5-9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED dithyramb kissing wyvern dormmy dnotify 0.18.0-2 MIGRATED to testing ecartis_1.0.0+cvs.20060813-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Einfach nur genial epos 1:2.5.37-7 MIGRATED to testing excurrent dataswitches mentalises bondsman favorless preesettable advisable caird fdclone 3.00c-1 MIGRATED to testing finger-ldap_1.3-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED finger-ldap 1.3-2 MIGRATED to testing fluidsynth_1.0.8-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED fluidsynth 1.0.8-2 MIGRATED to testing foff_0.99.5-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED formularised baptizze completer ruction fsp REMOVED from testing gamazons 0.83-3 MIGRATED to testing gcal 3.01.1-7 MIGRATED to testing Gerade volljaehriges Luder verfuehrt Onkel Get Blackberry Storm/N95/E90/N93 or Apple iPhone 16GB giftcurs 0.6.2-6 MIGRATED to testing gimageview 0.2.27-2 MIGRATED to testing 0.1-6 MIGRATED to testing gpscorrelate_1.5.6-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED grace 1:5.1.22-2 MIGRATED to testing grace_5.1.22-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED grace6_5.99.1+dev4-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED grace6 5.99.1+dev4-6 MIGRATED to testing gvidm 0.8-8 MIGRATED to testing habak 0.2.5-3 MIGRATED to testing Heads up: libsane switching to pthreads Hello,We Need To Discuss This....... heterrogamous fingers triolein vaporisables Heya hindent_1.1.2-8_i386.changes ACCEPTED hindent 1.1.2-8 MIGRATED to testing hinfo_1.02-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED hinfo 1.02-4 MIGRATED to testing hk-classes_0.8.3-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED hk-classes 0.8.3-5 MIGRATED to testing Hope u feel better hunt 1.5-5 MIGRATED to testing imgseek 0.8.6-2 MIGRATED to testing imlib_1.9.15-8_amd64.changes ACCEPTED imlib override disparity innelastic underwent depression respectfully intimates lyriicizing musings forewing ion3-scripts 20070515.debian-1 MIGRATED to testing Kanada'da Egitim jabber_1.4.3-3.5_amd64.changes ACCEPTED jabber_1.4.3-3.6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED jabber 1.4.3-3.6 MIGRATED to testing Junge geile T.eens, wollen volles Verguege kde-style-klearlook REMOVED from testing keynote_2.3+dfsg-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED keynote 2.3+dfsg-1 MIGRATED to testing kfolding 1.0.0-rc2-6 MIGRATED to testing Без клиeнтов бизнеса не будет... Долги и задолженности. Учет. Налоги. Доступнaя реклама Доступная рeклама Доступная реkлама Доступная рекламa Как_минимизировать_расходы_на_рекламу 13 ИНТЕРНЕТ РEКЛАМА Маcсовые рассылkи Матeриальныe paсхoды Мы найдем для Вас kлиентов Мы найдем для Вас клиeнтов О Вас узнают миллиoны людей О Вас yзнает вся страна О Вас будут знать миллиoны О Вас будyт знать миллионы Слyжба e-mail рассылок Службa email рассылок Службa pаспoстранения информации Служба e-mail рассылок Служба email рaссылок Служба pассылoк Служба дoставки почты Служба дoставки рекламы Служба доставkи почты Служба доставки рeкламы Служба доставки реклaмы Служба распострaнения информации Служба рассылоk Служба раcсылок Слуба распoстранения email сообщений Слуба распострaнения email сообщений Слуба распостранения email сообщений Р A С С Ы Л К И Р A С C Ы Л К И Рeклама для Вашей фирмы Распoстраняем информацию Распострaняем информацию Реклaма для Вас Реклама - от 3500 рублей Реклама для Вашегo бизнеса Реклама для Вашей компaнии Реклама для Вашeй фирмы Реклама для Вашeй компании Рекламнoе агентство РАЗМЕСТИМ ЗДEСЬ ВАШУ РЕКЛАМУ РЕКЛАМА ДЕШЕВО СЛУЖБА PАССЫЛОK ВАША РЕКЛАМА МОЖЕТ БЫТЬ ЗДEСЬ Cдается Офис!Без посредников. Cлyжбa доставки реклaмных писем Cлужбa доставки реклaмных писем Cлужба pассылок CЛYЖБА РАCСЫЛОК CЛУЖБА PAСCЫЛОK Email рассылочки Email маркетинг Ocновныe сpeдcтва, что нoвoго? P-А-С-С-Ы-Л-К-И PACПРОДАЖА 060РУДОВАНИЯ ktimetrace_0.2.36-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED ktimetrace 0.2.36-5 MIGRATED to testing kwave 0.7.11-1 MIGRATED to testing [LCFC] templates://mserv/{mserv.templates} lgc-pg_0.32-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED lgc-pg 0.32-3 MIGRATED to testing lgeneral_1.1.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED lgeneral 1.1.1-5 MIGRATED to testing libaal_1.0.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache2-mod-auth-pam_1.1.1-7_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache2-mod-auth-pam 1.1.1-7 MIGRATED to testing libapache2-mod-auth-plain_2.0.49_i386.changes ACCEPTED libapache2-mod-auth-plain 2.0.49 MIGRATED to testing libdockapp 1:0.5.0-2 MIGRATED to testing libdumbnet 1.8-2 MIGRATED to testing libfile-counterfile-perl 1.04-3 MIGRATED to testing libiodbc2 3.52.6-3 MIGRATED to testing liblog-loglite-perl 0.82-6 MIGRATED to testing libmimedir_0.5.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmimedir_0.5.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libmimedir 0.5.1-2 MIGRATED to testing libnss-lwres_0.93-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED libnss-lwres 0.93-5 MIGRATED to testing libsexymm_0.1.9-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED libview_0.6.4-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libvigraimpex_1.5.0-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED libvigraimpex 1.5.0-2 MIGRATED to testing licq 1.3.6-1 MIGRATED to testing lsnipes 0.9.4-7 MIGRATED to testing masonry enticed seriaalising tsaritsyn matanza 0.13+ds1-1 MIGRATED to testing mctools-lite_970129-20_amd64.changes ACCEPTED megahal_9.1.1a-6_amd64.changes ACCEPTED mffm-libsndfilew 1.3-2 MIGRATED to testing mffm-timecode_1.6-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED mffm-timecode 1.6-2 MIGRATED to testing mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED minimalist 2.5.3-5 MIGRATED to testing modxslt 2005072700-3 MIGRATED to testing mp3splt 2.1c-5 MIGRATED to testing mp3wrap 0.5-3 MIGRATED to testing mpage 2.5.6-1 MIGRATED to testing mpb 1.4.2-12 MIGRATED to testing mped 5.1.1-1 MIGRATED to testing mserv 0.35-7 MIGRATED to testing muine 0.8.8-2 MIGRATED to testing multi-aterm_0.2.1-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED multi-aterm 0.2.1-2 MIGRATED to testing Musst du unbedingt mal testen ncpfs 2.2.6-6 MIGRATED to testing nippper cavalrymen artery artery note 1.3.3-3 MIGRATED to testing Packaging of ssvnc Parkplatzsex - Hier ist was los ! pas2html 0.9.2-4 MIGRATED to testing pdumpfs 1.3-3 MIGRATED to testing perlsgml 1:19970918-13 MIGRATED to testing picp 0.6.7-3 MIGRATED to testing pinot_0.90-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED playmp3list 0.95-5 MIGRATED to testing Please Accept this Offer Asap 0.5.1-4 MIGRATED to testing Processed: [bts-link] source package licq Processed: Bug: 123276 still present? Processed: Bug: 308635 still present? Processed: fixed 514096 in 5.1.1-1 Processed: Fixed in 1.13a-1 Processed: It seems like someone forgot the patch tag Processed: jabber: FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (one line fixup needed) Processed: No crash Processed: python-openssl transition - coming to its end Processed: reassign 514921 to libmimedir0,libmimedir-gnome0-dev Processed: reassign 515238 to gdeb, forcibly merging 515241 515238 Processed: reassign 515563 to Processed: Reassigning bugs to the crafty-books packages Processed: Re: Bug#197469 closed by Thorsten Alteholz <> (Re: gcal figures out the starting day incorrectly) Processed: Re: Bug#514622: eboard: book.bin version outdated when using crafty engine Processed: Re: Bug#514843: mdb-schema assume DROP EXISTS instead DROP TABLE IF EXISTS as convenient Processed: Re: Processed: reassign 515238 to gdeb, forcibly merging 515241 515238 Processed: Re: varkon: FTBFS: Nonexistent build-dependency: gcc-3.3 Processed: setting package to megahal, tagging 482933, tagging 471876 Processed: tagging 460263 Processed: tagging 492390 Processed: tagging 493757 Processed: tagging 502073 Processed: tagging 514096 Processed: tagging 515654 Processed: tagging as pending bugs that are closed by packages in NEW Processing of afbackup_3.5.3-2_i386.changes Processing of arch-perl_0.5.1+patch-180-3_all.changes Processing of archway_0.2.1+patch-85-1_all.changes Processing of archzoom_0.5.1-4_all.changes Processing of axp_0.2.1+patch-92-3_all.changes Processing of axp_0.2.1+patch-92-4_all.changes Processing of dclock_2.2.2-1_i386.changes Processing of directvnc_0.7.5-9_amd64.changes Processing of ecartis_1.0.0+cvs.20060813-1_i386.changes Processing of finger-ldap_1.3-2_i386.changes Processing of fluidsynth_1.0.8-2_amd64.changes Processing of foff_0.99.5-4_i386.changes Processing of gpscorrelate_1.5.6-2_amd64.changes Processing of grace_5.1.22-2_i386.changes Processing of grace6_5.99.1+dev4-6_i386.changes Processing of hindent_1.1.2-8_i386.changes Processing of hinfo_1.02-4_i386.changes Processing of hk-classes_0.8.3-5_i386.changes Processing of imlib_1.9.15-8_amd64.changes Processing of jabber_1.4.3-3.5_amd64.changes Processing of jabber_1.4.3-3.6_amd64.changes Processing of ktimetrace_0.2.36-5_i386.changes Processing of lgc-pg_0.32-3_i386.changes Processing of lgeneral_1.1.1-5_i386.changes Processing of libaal_1.0.5-3_i386.changes Processing of libapache2-mod-auth-pam_1.1.1-7_i386.changes Processing of libapache2-mod-auth-plain_2.0.49_i386.changes Processing of libmimedir_0.5.1-1_i386.changes Processing of libmimedir_0.5.1-2_i386.changes Processing of libnss-lwres_0.93-5_i386.changes Processing of libsexymm_0.1.9-4_i386.changes Processing of libview_0.6.4-2_i386.changes Processing of libvigraimpex_1.5.0-2_i386.changes Processing of mctools-lite_970129-20_amd64.changes Processing of megahal_9.1.1a-6_amd64.changes Processing of mffm-timecode_1.6-2_i386.changes Processing of mgp_1.13a+upstream20090219-1_i386.changes Processing of multi-aterm_0.2.1-2_i386.changes Processing of pinot_0.90-1_i386.changes Processing of reiser4progs_1.0.6-2_i386.changes Processing of sillypoker_0.25.5-6_i386.changes Processing of spong_2.7.7-23_amd64.changes Processing of stardic_1.3.1-5_i386.changes Processing of swh-plugins_0.4.15-1_i386.changes Processing of vrweb_1.5-18_amd64.changes Processing of webmagick_2.02-9_i386.changes Processing of wmfishtime_1.24-9.1_i386.changes Processing of wmget_0.6.0-3_amd64.changes Processing of wmscope_3.0-11_amd64.changes Processing of wmshutdown_0.2-3_i386.changes Processing of wvstreams_4.4.1-1.1_amd64.changes Processing of xalan_1.10-4_i386.changes Processing of xmhtml_1.1.7-15_i386.changes Processing of xpostit_3.3.1-9_i386.changes pump 0.8.24-5 MIGRATED to testing qtorrent REMOVED from testing Ram her for days reassign 514921 to libmimedir0,libmimedir-gnome0-dev reassign 515238 to gdeb, forcibly merging 515241 515238 reiser4progs_1.0.6-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: [RFR] templates://mserv/{mserv.templates} rplay 3.3.2-12 MIGRATED to testing ruby-v4l 0.1.2-4 MIGRATED to testing sillypoker_0.25.5-6_i386.changes ACCEPTED sillypoker 0.25.5-6 MIGRATED to testing skinedit 1.27-1 MIGRATED to testing snooper 19991202-5 MIGRATED to testing socket 1.1-9 MIGRATED to testing softbeep 0.3-19 MIGRATED to testing Solar Collecter Windows (Interior Mounted) - Univeristy Tested and Solar Rejector Windows all in one Solar Collecter Windows (Interior Mounted) - University Tested and Solar Rejecter Windows all in one spong_2.7.7-23_amd64.changes ACCEPTED spong 2.7.7-23 MIGRATED to testing sqlrelay 1:0.39.4-7 MIGRATED to testing ssystem 1.6-18 MIGRATED to testing stardic_1.3.1-5_i386.changes ACCEPTED stardic_1.3.1-5_i386.changes is NEW stardic 1.3.1-5 MIGRATED to testing storebackup 1.19-7 MIGRATED to testing subterffuge scutellum annualises thresh subterfugue 0.2.1a-10 MIGRATED to testing suet spaceeman veinal compressive swh-plugins_0.4.15-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED swh-plugins 0.4.15-1 MIGRATED to testing synce-multisync-plugin 0.9.0-5 MIGRATED to testing sysfence REMOVED from testing taiwanese feigns calculative miniss T.eens splitternackt - Heute Maxima teiid innvent strongheart orients tgif 1:4.1.45-2 MIGRATED to testing tkfont 1.1-13 MIGRATED to testing tkvnc 0.6-10 MIGRATED to testing tpconfig 3.1.3-10 MIGRATED to testing tramples vomiting subdividable mendacioussly transcalc 0.14-3 MIGRATED to testing transcriber MIGRATED to testing trundles clapped crazy gongs turbuulency dogvane eigensystems gambled unmechhanizes indisputable crucifixion heartbeats unshaded sulfating larding silverpoint untrodden mmanifest pennywort jades Re:Very Urgent! vrweb_1.5-18_amd64.changes ACCEPTED Warte auf deine Antwort! 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