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Bug#514622: [shakaz2005@yahoo.fr: Re : Bug#514622 - Eboard/Crafty book.bin]

I'm forwarding a mail from the original submitter that he sent directly
to me instead of to the bug address.

----- Forwarded message from ShakaZ <shakaz2005@yahoo.fr> -----

From: ShakaZ <shakaz2005@yahoo.fr>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 14:37:21 +0000 (GMT)
To: Patrik Fimml <patrik@fimml.at>
Subject: Re : Bug#514622 - Eboard/Crafty book.bin

Hello Patrick.

Indeed it seems the issue comes from the crafty book.bin & book.bin packages. On the official ftp site (ftp://ftp.cis.uab.edu/pub/hyatt/) those files date back to 30/1/2007. At that time the latest stable version of crafty was 21.6, which is higher than the 20.17 version the error mesage complains about. 

After further investigation i managed to get the book.bin & books.bin files provided on the ftp site to work.
The  book.bin & books.bin files provided by the crafty-books-medium debian package are dated from 04/03/2007. They should work according to that date, however crafty reports them as outdated.
So i replaced those files located in /var/lib/crafty by those from the ftp site. (Note : the book files on the ftp server are not that satisfying as they are much lighter that those provided from the crafty-book-xxx packages)
Then i took a peek at the ~/.eboard/eboard.conf file. This file contains bookmarks to the chess engines used by eboard, along with some parameters to configure them. What i noticed is that for the crafty engine those bookmarks are not generated correctly. 
For instance a bookmark to crafty with options (default engine time set, ponder=no), then the bookpath= variable i empty. The same bookmark but with ponder set to ye reults in a correct bookpath variable.
This variable also seems to be inconsistently set as from one bookmark to the other it varies between these two options :
Both work so that's not a big issue.

So to me the procedure to solve the issue seem to be :
1. Rebuild up-to-date crafty-books-medium, crafty-books-medtosmall and crafty-books-small packages. Either by asking the author to provide new book files or by creating new ones as explained here : http://www.cis.uab.edu/hyatt/craftydoc.html 
2. Fix eboard so that the bookmarks to the crafty engine are consistent with regard to the bookpath variable.

Best regards,


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