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Bug#516306: ldaptor: generates incorrect package with python-support from experimental

Package: ldaptor
Version: 0.0.43-2


the ldaptor rules file contains the following:
        rm -rf \
                debian/python-ldaptor/usr/share/python-support/*/ldaptor/apps/webui \

With the upcoming version of python-support (currently in experimental),
this operation does nothing, since the files are now moved to a
different directory (/usr/share/pyshared). It does not prevent the
package from building, but the resulting package has the webui modules
in it. Therefore, installation of ldaptor-webui will fail because of a
file conflict.

In all cases, you should remove these files *before* calling
dh_pysupport, to avoid any manipulation it might do with them. Doing the
removal in the binary-install target and using the standard Python
directory there should be enough.

As a general rule, please do not rely on the internals of python-support
in the packaging; this will avoid such issues in the future (although
hopefully there won’t be a need to change the paths any further).

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