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Bug#449323: No crash

severity 449323 important

Rebuilding with debugging symbols (not easy - add 'debug' to the make
call in debian/rules and remove the -DDEBUG from
sources/GE/src/Makefile.linux to get it to build) and then adding 'gdb
--args' to the shell script, it looks like varkon is exiting normally
when the window is clicked. There's no crash.

After selecting a job, you are probably meant to choose either a 2D or a
3D model from the dialog that appears. The package is not unusable, so
I'm downgrading the severity to be non-RC.

Fixing this myself might take a bit longer, because all the comments are
in Swedish. There's a new upstream version, but I haven't tested whether
it displays the same behaviour.

Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>

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