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Heads up: libsane switching to pthreads


This is a heads up for maintainers of packages depending on libsane.

I have just uploaded sane-backends 1.0.19-24 which switches to using
pthreads instead of forking reader processes while acquiring image
data. Note that not every backend uses a reader process (thread, now).

This is a change that has some potential for breakage in applications,
so even though I do not expect any issues to pop up, watch out for
any. It is the only change in 1.0.19-24 compared to -23, which makes
troubleshooting for this particular change easy.

I expect some gain wrt acquisition time on large images due to this
change, and that's why it's being done. The pthread code has been the
default on Mac OS X forever IIRC, so it's stable, tested code and not
an experimental thing.



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