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Packaging of ssvnc

Hi to all Debian packagers!

I'm writing to you because I made some work with ssvnc packaging that I
would like to share so it can be used to include ssvnc in current debian

ssvnc is a incredibly rich functionality vnc viewer made by the same
developer than x11vnc vnc server which is already in the debian
repository since many years. It supports many levels of encryption as
well as many display and sharing features that no other viewer support
under Linux.

I think that this software is a good candidate for inclusion in
repository and the packaging part is pretty easy so far.

If any debian packager is willing to take a look at it, I already
packaged ssvnc for ubuntu in my PPA here :

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/saivann/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main

I'm pretty sure that this package would not need a lot of modifications
to fit into Debian packaging policy, I made a good clean job an worked
with Karl himself to fix problems that prevented the package to be
created in the past.

Thanks for your incredible work with open source software!


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