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Re: Sorted some things out sparky problems resolved Special keys outputs to console and kernel log. Can be avoided? Status of sleep on Mobile Radeon 7500 equipped machines? suspend + disabling trackpad + audio CD tdfxfb fixes - take 2 Thanks Christophe! tkispell + gocr.tcl trackpad / keyboard Umax SuperMac Unhandled ADB_MISC event using a PCI S3 Trio64 in a pmac 9600 Re: Using XFree86 on the new iBooks Re: webwml/english/ports/powerpc/keycodes.wml Which tools for compiling a kernel Woody 1,44 Floppy Images X problem with upgrade to kernel 2.4 X11 hung _ help needed xfree86 - Alt key missing Re: xfree86 - Alt key missing [solved] ybin on second(?) revision iMac The last update was on 06:42 GMT Thu May 02. There are 557 messages. Page 2 of 2.

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