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Re: Which tools for compiling a kernel

On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 21:10:44 +0100, Roland Wegmann composed:
> Hello
> I am going to compile aBen's Kernel by myself. i read some howto's about
> it but they gave different information which tools you have to install in
> order to compile a kernel. So I tried the following apt-get install:
> apt-get install gcc binutils make kernel-package
> After the installation I got the message of removing modutils and
> modconf. And an additional warning that the system could be damaged, if I
> remove this tools, because the kernel was compiled with modules.
> Therefore I answered the question without 'yes' (I simply hit 'enter').

it shouldn't be removing those 2 packages; as you saw, they're
essential. but excellent move to not let the removal happen. good
instincts :).
> Now I'm really unsure what to do. Does my system have any conflicts now,
> because I have install the tools above and not removed modconf and modutils?
> Which tool is responsible for this warning?

no there shouldn't be any conflicts, mine has been running like this
since i first installed debian (march 2002), and i'm sure others'
machines have done so, too.

> But more important: Which tools are absolutly necessary for compiling a
> Ben's kernel??

the same tools used to compile any other kernel. what's special about
ben's kernels is that he modifies the kernel source to provide support
for powermacs. it compensates for the x86-centric kernel source :). 
> Thanks in advance for helping me
> Roland Wegmann
> rowe_gnu@gmx.net
oh does anyone know if 2.4.20 is in a final release version?


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