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Which tools for compiling a kernel


I am going to compile aBen's Kernel by myself. i read some howto's about
it but they gave different information which tools you have to install in
order to compile a kernel. So I tried the following apt-get install:

apt-get install gcc binutils make kernel-package

After the installation I got the message of removing modutils and
modconf. And an additional warning that the system could be damaged, if I
remove this tools, because the kernel was compiled with modules.
Therefore I answered the question without 'yes' (I simply hit 'enter').

Now I'm really unsure what to do. Does my system have any conflicts now,
because I have install the tools above and not removed modconf and modutils?
Which tool is responsible for this warning?

But more important: Which tools are absolutly necessary for compiling a
Ben's kernel??

Thanks in advance for helping me

Roland Wegmann

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