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Re: Umax SuperMac

On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 23:20, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> What you want to do is install BootX and put the boot kernel in the Linux 
> Kernels folder in the mac os system folder.

	No, I'd rather yaboot or the like if I can get it.

> But before doing that, put the basedebs.tar on your hard drive too (all these 
> need to go in an HFS partition - but it won't work for HFS+ partitions, as 
> Linux doesn't understand HFS+ yet).

	Yes, I had a hard time Googling around for HFS+ in olden times, until I
understood it would never be... at least not so soon.

> Note that the Umax SuperMac is an old world machine

	As I myself stated.

>    I think yaboot works for old world - however I've never tried it myself so 
> check that out with someone else first, or maybe someone will reply about it here.

	Isn't it quik or ybin for OldWorld?

	Thanks for your extensive and considerate answer, but I am none the
wiser.  My first problem is getting the machine to do something, be it
booting a floppy, displaying OF or even Mac OS (as a stepping stone to
further GNU happiness).  But for some reason the floppy simply is
ignored, I don't know how to display OF here (and my other machine is an
iBook, so I guess I won't be able to see anything with OF serial
output), and Mac OS doesn't seem to like my IBM 8518-2 PS/2 Color

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