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Re: Umax SuperMac

On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 01:28, Michael Hackett wrote:
> By adapter, I meant a little box (about 1.5"x1.5"), aka a dongle, that
> converts an old-style Mac monitor port (DB-15) to an SVGA port. I've
> never seen one of these cards, but my guess is that it already had an
> SVGA port. However, if there's a little box attached to the video card
> out the back, where you plug your monitor in, that's where the switches
> might be. If the monitor plugs straight in, then obviously that's not an
> issue.

	No, this card has a VGA adaptor just fine.

> On 09 Dec 2002 09:00:49 -0500
> Ludwig <ludwig@superdeluxe.com> wrote:
> > Non-multisync monitors work fine on Macs.
> I think you're right that a 640x480 @ 60Hz monitor should be supported,
> but I've never tried it. (Most Mac fixed-frequency monitors ran at 66.7
> Hz, so the aforementioned may not be a supported mode after all.)

	Perhaps that is it.

> If you can make it through the monitor issue, Leandro, this computer
> will work quite well with Debian. Not sure if the second processor is
> supported, but if it is, it should be an alright system. Good luck!

	I figure it could be even better than my current FW iBook, as it is
SCSI and has more memory too.

	I guess I will have to get hold of a better monitor somehow... my next
step was to try to boot from diskettes, but seems like I will need Mac
OS at least for the installation.

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