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Re: Special keys outputs to console and kernel log. Can be avoided?

On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 11:48:15AM +0100, Jesus Climent wrote:
> Hi!
> My white hat penguin (iBook2) has the brightness/loudness/eject keys
> funtioning using pbuttonsd, but still, everytime I press them the kernel
> leaves a dmesg entry such as:
> keyboard.c: cat't emulate rawcode for keycode XXX
> I would like to make those lines disappear, since they polute the dmesg
> output, and under the console I have to ctrl-l everytime I press such
> buttons.
> Is there any hack/patch/option to avoid those lines?

I'm interested too; with my setup I get a 

usbkbd.c: led urb status -32 received message

whenever I use caps lock. 

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