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Re: webwml/english/ports/powerpc/keycodes.wml

* Thomas Marteau <marteaut@tuxfamily.org> [2002-12-07 17:18]:
> Sorry to disturbe you but I can't contact toff about this problem. 
> (Don't know his email)

 Isn't toff an official debian maintainer?  Then you should be able to
find him on <http://db.debian.org/>.

> In this page, you say:

 Not me is saying this :)

> you may someday type 'root' and the login prompt and instead see 'sswj'.
> But I can't imagine why we'll get this kind of result.
> It should be 'swwj', no ?

 I have no idea, I don't have any powerpc machine, I am just a
translator.  You might like to ask on the porters list
<debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org>, that's why I am Cc:ing this mail to
the list, they might help you there.  I am not subscribed to that list
but you don't need to Cc: me on replies, it's not really my business :)

 Btw, when looking at the table it seems to be right that one gets sswj.
The r would lead to a tab, the doubled oo to ss, t to w and the j comes
from the return.  That is, if I get that table right.

> Thanks in advance, Thomas.

 Thank you for your interest, but I am wondering why you contacted me?
What made you think I might know about that?  Please next time contact
the debian-powerpc list directly, thanks.

 Have fun,
    - Water effect intro screen (cool!).
    - Multiple views in the screen (cooler!).
    - Fixed a lot of bugs (coolest!).
 -- David Martínez Moreno, changelog.Debian for freecraft (1:1.17-1)

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