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xfree86 - Alt key missing


since I upgraded to xfree86 4.2.1-3 (sarg) the left and right Control,
Command and Alt keys generate the same keycodes:

 Contrl_L and Control_R	      37
 Alt_L and Alt_R	      64
 Cmd_L and Cmd_R	      115

Because of that I can't use Alt_R as AltGr anymore.
BTW, on the VT Console the keyboard works fine.
My hardware is an Powermac 9600/300 the keyboard is a german ADB
Keyboard manufactured by MacALLY. It was working fine before the

dmesg says this while probing the ADB bus

 ADB keyboard at 2, handler 1
 Detected ADB keyboard, type ISO, swapping keys.
 input1: ADB HID on ID 2:2.05

Here is the Keyboard Portion of
my XF86Config-4:

 Section "InputDevice"
     Identifier  "Generic Keyboard"
     Driver      "keyboard"
     Option      "CoreKeyboard"
     Option      "XkbRules"  "xfree86"
     #Option      "XkbRules"  "macintosh"
     #Option      "XkbRules"  "macintosh_old"
     Option      "XkbModel"  "macintosh"
     Option      "XkbLayout" "de"
     Option      "XkbVariant"    "nodeadkeys"
     #Option     "XkbOptions"    "ralt:mode_switch"

I tried using xfree86, macintosh and even macintosh_old as XkbRules,
but still all modifier keys generate the same KeyCodes.
Do I have to modify the /etc/X11/xkb/geometry/macintosh file?
I can't find any documentation on the syntax of the file
(I tried man XF86Config-4 and www.xfree86.org).

Any hints and pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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