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Re: suspend + disabling trackpad + audio CD

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 02:50:22AM -0500, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> 1. Is the suspend/standby feature going to be fixed soon? Is there any
> workaround to this for the time being?

Ben has said that he's working on prying the info out of ATI, but who
knows who long that'll take...

> 3. I can't get an audio CD to play.. it looks like it's playing (no
> error message, can see the progress in the gtcd window etc.) but there's
> no sound output.. I can play mp3's without any problem.. I looked around
> and there were some posts that said that on desktops there might be a
> cable that needs to go from the CD/DVD drive.. how is it usually on
> ibooks? 

Don't use gtcd. The iBooks (and most recent Macs) don't support Red Book
audio playback in the "traditional" way (i.e., tell CD player to play
audio, run analog audio feed out through sound device), so you have to
use something else. I always used XMMS with the xmms-cdread plugin
installed - it'll read the PCM stream from the disc and play it through
your PCM output device. (And you can use ESD or aRts output with xmms,
so you can play more than one thing at a time/be compatible with

Derrik Pates

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