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Re: Sorted some things out

On  13 Dec, this message from Benjamin Herrenschmidt echoed through cyberspace:
> On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 21:47, Michel Lanners wrote:
>> On  13 Dec, this message from Derrik Pates echoed through cyberspace:
>> [snip]
>> > Yay! It's not just me. Thank you very much, Ben - that would really make
>> > my day. With that, this box will be 100% operational. (Even the PlanB
>> > video in works - though I don't actually have a use for it.)
>> PlanB works? Yeah!!! You just made my day :-))
> Looks like you are the happy maintainer of a working driver for a bit of
> HW nobody but you knows anything about :)

I hope somebody else (notably some engineer at Apple) knew something
about it when it was developed, but with Apple you're never too sure :-)

Then there is Takashi Oe, who helped with the development.

> Seriously, I do have a 8500 (even SMP) here with planb, I need to get
> one of those old cams that is taking dust in my office so I can also
> play with planb ;)

Oh no, then I will have to fix all remaning bugs :-)

> Have you looked at 2.5 new V4L APIs ?

I'm following from a distance, and it's giving me headaches already.
I fear the day I will have to update PlanB in 2.5. API changes, kernel
MM changes, and what not else... I'll have to dig deep into stuff I had
no idea about thus far.

We'll see...



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