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97 packages Building by rmurray-repeat [MailServer Notification]To Sender file blocking settings matched and action was taken. [OT] Turbochannel Alpha on ebay [rebuild request] scsh for woody ^_^ mew-mew (-: Axalto anti-virus has deleted your message cause it contains a virus Axalto anti-virus has detected a virus in your message Bladeenc compilation... buildds vs. developer accounts cannot run debootstrap on an Indy? Choosing the right kernel for Qube 2700wg Cisco Pinouts Debian, Greatest meedication for you! Debian, Super offers for meedication only here. File was infected with a virus gcompris on mips ? Hardware upgrades for the Indy? How do I partition my Indy with current Sarge installer? Indy or Alpha the "easier" platform? Gnome? Re: information Installing Debian on a Sun Cobalt Qube2 Mips Qube : Setting root device. mips sgi o2 r10000 mipsel build of spamassassin-2.20-1woody4 mipsel buildd kernels mipsel in debian-installer? OOo Linux/MIPS port Please requeue gnocatan on arm, mips please requeue transfig on ips please reschedule mips build of gcompris Please retry exim4 (4.30-7) Please retry gnome-system-tools (0.32.0-2) R4400 vs R5k ? Re: regarding cobalt raq2 and stuff Re: something for you [#3113254] Status of fluidsynth on mipsel. Thanks everybody! (was: Indy or Mips) undeliverable message Up to 80 pecrnet off on meedication only here, Debian. V G Regimon/India/IBM is out of the office. Re: Re: Your picture [#1315062] Re: Your product The last update was on 06:14 GMT Thu May 09. There are 102 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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