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Re: buildds vs. developer accounts

Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> i am getting repeated requests for accounts on mips/mipsel machines.
> As for mipsel both machines (remake & repeat) say in their motd to use
> the other machine.

Clever :)

This will, hopefully, solved by vaughan and williams once they run
sufficiently.  It's a looong story..

> As for mips this is easy - I do have another machine (reset.rfc822.org) 
> which is up and running so we do not need to disturb the mips buildds.
> I'd like to discuss the policy on where i should create such accounts.

Your former policy to create accounts on demand for porters was fine.
Any reason to not continue this for reset?  It's better when the porter
is a DD but if it is a known mips guy that was fine as well.



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