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OOo Linux/MIPS port

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some Debian/MIPS users asked me about it and we have the DPL offering
building/testing on his fast MIPS box, so I'll bring it up again ;)

In December you sent the following mail:

- --- snip ----
From: xuxianchao <xuxingchao@ict.ac.cn>
To: openoffice <dev@porting.openoffice.org>
Subject: [porting-dev] The openoffice runed on the linux-mips
successfully.Thank all of you !!
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 16:00:46 +0800

We have built the ooo1.1rc3 on the  rm7000,and we wrote a bridge for
cpp. The bridge only can run on the gcc3 enviroment,and it could not
call the other languages uno.Because I built the openoffice without
jdk,so it doesnot matter.
It now can run on the rm7000(linux),and can run on the godson :)
Thank all of you !
- --- snip ---

We then asked for the patches and got no answer; we are still interested
in provinding a _mips.deb (assuming we get hands on a fast MIPS box for
building and testing it....)

What is the status? Could we get the patches (fwiw for 1.1.1 if some
changes needs porting over) to eventually add them to our packages and
provide a _mips.deb? Don't you want to file an issue to get it included
in mainstream and develop it further for OOo 2.0 (where some changes
in the bridges have occured, Kevin Hendricks could tell you more...?
Otherwise it would be hard to make a deb in a continuous manner over
distribution releases since mips is then out-of-date when 2.0 comes and we
need to get it removed again.. :(

Your question about how to sign JCA is answered here:
(which I already answered in that thread in Dec; see

Kevin, you suggested using testtool, but that apparently needs Java,
right? Are there any other mechanism to do (automatic) tests? I found
some ../test directories in the source where I needed to build some
extra things manually and _then_ execute dmake test there. Is that the
right way or is there something saner?

Just curious,


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