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Re: R4400 vs R5k ?

> > I was wondering about the performance of these two machines:
> > 1.) Indy R4400 200MHz 1MB cache
> > 2.) Indy R5000 180MHz 0,5MB cache,
> > both running linux.
> > 
> > I think the R5k must be much faster in floating point, but what about
> > integer performance ?
> Well, BogoMips claims 0.5 * MHz for R4400 and 1.0 * MHz for R5000.
> Real-World applications will be most likely somewhat faster on the
> R5000, but not as much as the BogoMips value suggests.

But isn't there a problem with cache consistency on the R4400, forcing linux
to do lots of cache flushes on an R4400 that are not necessary on an R5k !?


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