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Re: Indy or Alpha the "easier" platform? Gnome?

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 20:20, Thiemo Seufer wrote:

> If the Indy has the 8 or 24 bit entry level graphics, it should
> work fine. The "hinv" command tells.

IDE writes something about "Indy 24bit", I am still waiting 
for the machine to come up again to run "hinv", there are
several timeouts before it comes up (non-existing NFS hosts).

> boot via bootp/tftp. CD boot is at the brink of being supported
> in sarge, but needs in any case a CD drive which supports 512
> Byte reads.

I've got an old Yamaha burner that can be jumpered to 512 byte
sectors I think. But bootp/tftp/nfs seems more practical anyway.

> > Furthermore: With my experience of i386 hardware it seems to
> > me that above Indy (with its 64MB RAM) is a bit underpowered
> > for a full Gnome setup. I assume it is best used as a X-Terminal 
> > for an moderate PC "Host" to run the apps on (say, a 2GHz Athlon).
> > Does that sound about right, or should I try to run the apps
> > locally nevertheless?
> Some lightweight applications (probably even xfce) run quite
> decent on the box, but Gnome+Mozilla+OOo won't work that well. :-)
> > Is there anything I should do while there is still Irix
> > on that machine, before installing Linux?
> You may want to run the "ide" hardware diagnostics (choice 2 from
> the firmware). It needs an installed IRIX.

I see!

I will let it run and then try to install. I do not have any
Irix media, and as far as I have seen till now, I do not really
want to use Irix (Debian seems so much nicer).

Is most of the hardware in this box supported by Linux, e.g.
sound and the video input? 

Thanks for your help!

/ralph -- for now the Indy seems so much nicer than the quite
          bulky and loud Alpha. Eventually both of them will
          be assimilated. Debian: Resistance is futile ; )

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