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Re: How do I partition my Indy with current Sarge installer?

Ralph Aichinger wrote:
> The Sarge beta install manual says 
> .5.1. Partitioning for Mips 
> SGI Indys require an SGI disk label in order to make the system bootable
> from hard disk. It can be created in the fdisk expert menu.
> However current fdisk does not have an expert menu.
> x is not listed and choosing x just gives "Sorry, no experts
> menu for SGI partition tables available".

Which means you already have a dvh (aka SGI) label on that disk.
The lack of a expert menu for this is a minor annoyance of fdisk.

Listing the available partitions should show at least the whole
volume (#11) and the volume header (#9).

> There is an option to create a new Sun disklabel ("s"). Is 
> this the right thing to do?

If the existing dvh label is broken somehow and you want a fresh
one, the (admittedly clumsy) workaround to wipe it out is to:

- Create a new msdos or sun disklabel
- write that to disk
- start fdisk again
- type x, g, r, w; this creates and writes the dvh label
- start fdisk again
- add the partitions you like to have.


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