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Re: How do I partition my Indy with current Sarge installer?

I'm not a huge expert on this, but I'm pretty sure that if it says there's already an SGI disk label (which it does), you don't need to create a new disk label. I know after I create an SGI disk label on my Indy, I can't go into the expert menu. So I would say continue with the rest of the instructions.


Ralph Aichinger wrote:
The Sarge beta install manual says 

.5.1. Partitioning for Mips 
SGI Indys require an SGI disk label in order to make the system bootable
from hard disk. It can be created in the fdisk expert menu.

However current fdisk does not have an expert menu.
x is not listed and choosing x just gives "Sorry, no experts
menu for SGI partition tables available".

There is an option to create a new Sun disklabel ("s"). Is 
this the right thing to do?



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