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Bladeenc compilation...

    I would like to know, if somebody succeded in
making bladeenc work for r4600 Indy.

I've succeded to make it work with Irix 5.3 on a r5000
Indy but with linux it doesn't encode well at all.  I
mean there is no music playing just noise.  i've tried
many switch at compile time but to no avail.

ex.: -mips2 -funrollalllops
     -mips2 -mnoabicalls  -funrollalllops
     -mips2 -mabicalls  -funrollalllops
Is there a problem with the integer calculation, since
bladeenc use only integer?

I know i should contact the bladeenc team, but since
there is no more developpement, i guess this list is
my best bet.

Thanks for your help


Lèche-vitrine ou lèche-écran ?

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