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Re: mipsel in debian-installer?

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 12:27:11PM +0100, Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:

> > > doesn't support mipsel, and time is running out.
> > Karsten Merker works on it, with me occasionally helping a bit.
> > Most of the things needed are already there, the current showstopper
> > is the broken keyboard/keymap support for LK201/LK401 keyboards in
> > unstable. Will be fixed soon.
> I'm using my new (input api / serio) lk[24]01 keyboard driver each day
> on my Athlon. Works great and doesn't have keymap problems since it can
> now just use i386/PC keyboard layout (as all new keyboard drivers do).

The problem with the keyboard support in d-i is in userspace (in a
certain installer module), not on the kernel side. One thing I am
interested in, though: have you tried running X using your input
device driver? Does it work?

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