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mips sgi o2 r10000


is there plans to support all mips IPxx and not only those mentioned
in www.debian.org/Ports/mips/ with sarge ?

on irc.debian.org (freenode) in #mipslinux i hear the arcboot has
patches to support most IPxx. using the kernel binary here i can boot
my o2 into the debian-installer nfs-root:
i used this one:

however installing fails, i tried fiddling with debootstrap but
wasn't successfull yet.

is there anything i can help with? i can provide probably remote access
with nc or, build things or test things? i really want to see SGI O2 supported. alot of work has been done on mips support in during 2.5/2.6 linux kernel development. so far i tried also gentoo and netbsd stuff
without much luck. i hope debian will support these machines.


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