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Choosing the right kernel for Qube 2700wg

Hi to all,

I just found a nice Qube 2700wg on eBay and want to use it as a DSL
router with some enhancements. Since I want it to use as a ISDN
gateway too and there is only one PCI slot I thought about upgrading
it with a USB 2.0 controller interface (NEC chipset) so that I'd be
able to use a USB - ISDN interface and a USB NIC (Realtek chipset) for
external communication (as long as I'll get the needed drivers ;-) ).

Problem is: I'm not able to even netboot my Qube (neither with nor
without USB interface installed) to install Debian on my Qube.

Somewhere I found information that I would need at least a 2.6 kernel
for that USB support, but on another site I found out that 2.4 would
work. As I'm not a guru I'm totally confused by now :-o

So what is the right (and most up to date) kernel that will bring up
my Qube via netboot to install debian on it and what would be the best
kernel to run it stable (with usb nic support) and where would I be
able to find those kernels (or sources and config) mathing these

Thx in advance,


Sebastian Gingter | sebastian at gingter dot org
Emmy-Rebstein-Weg 2 | D-88213 Ravensburg
Phone: +49 751 3550932 | Mobile: +49 171 7374947

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