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Re: [rebuild request] scsh for woody

On Sun, Mar 28, 2004 at 10:39:33PM +0200, Lionel Elie Mamane wrote:
> Please help me move scsh from woody/main to woody/non-free by
> rebuilding it for all 32 bit released architectures (don't try on 64
> bit architectures, it won't work). I can't do it because I am not a
> Debian Developer, hence I don't have access to the Debian machines.

I've just uploaded scsh_0.6.0-2woody1.diff.gz to woody
proposed-updates.  For the impatient ones, it's available from 
http://mdcc.cx/~joostvb/scsh/ too (along with a i386 build).

> For it to happen, we need to rebuild it for all architectures it is
> present in in woody.

The source I've uploaded is minorly different from the one Lionel has
published: I've clarified the debian/copyright file.  So those of you
who have done builds from Lionel's scsh_0.6.0-2woody0 are very kindly
requested to build again, from scsh_0.6.0-2woody1.  (I feel the
incorrect text in the copyright file justified another source update.)

Wouter Verhelst has done a build for m68k (
Wouter: would you like to make another build please, and upload the
binary?  Thanks a lot!

Thiemo Seufer has done a build for mips (
Thiemo: care for doing another build?  If you sign your .dsc and
.changes with your own gpg key, I can resign them and do a sponsored
upload.  Thanks a lot!

Colin Watson (
care to build from these sources, and upload the binary, for powerpc?
Thanks a lot!

I might be able to take care of a sparc build myself: I am now setting
up a build environment on my Debian woody sparc box.

This means we still need:

alpha ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2004/debian-alpha-200403/msg00082.html )
arm ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2004/debian-arm-200403/msg00035.html )
hppa ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2004/debian-hppa-200403/msg00084.html )
mipsel ( Digital DECstations - little-endian; Thiemo is working on the mips one )
s390 ( http://lists.debian.org/debian-s390/2004/debian-s390-200403/msg00032.html )

I'll investigate build hosts myself after I've done the sparc build.

Please join us in helping Joey to get 3.0r2 out.



PS: please honor Mail-Followup-To, and sent replies to
lmamane-scsh@conuropsis.org too.

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