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Re: regarding cobalt raq2 and stuff

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004 19:30:03 +0100, Karsten Merker
<karsten@excalibur.cologne.de> wrote:

>Peter and I are currently testing the patches. Looks good so far.

I've seen progress on the gentoo-side for the raq2 and will try those
kernel-builds today, maybe they get me some more stable raq2's because
the latest available v2.4.18 for raq2/debian is just a pain if the
machine gets some i/o-load to handle.

if interested I'll report the results and maybe someone could post a
statusupdate on the "debian-front".

thank you

ps. poor me never managed to build an at least booting kernel,
especially I get confused when it comes to which kernel-source for a
stable and decent mips-build for the cobalt raq would be to use and
which patches to apply...

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