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24Bit graphic on Indy? Beginner needs help installing woody on Origin 200 Booting off RH7.1 - never mind. Re: Can't opencrt1.o clisp Not-For-Us cpp0: .deps/zap.pp: Permission denied Re: Debian on Indy debian vs irix? Debian woody support for Origin 200 FOR SALE USED PERI AND HUENNEBECK. Getting started... help with porting texmacs to mips ? Help: Build fail for tau on mips(el) installing the mipsel port isdn support with kernel 2.4.x on mips (sgi indy) hardware? Max ram supported on DS 5000/240 MIPS bfd_get_relocated_section_contents broken mips builders and c++ mozilla for linux-mips? MY INHERITANCE NAV detected a virus in a document you authored. New SGI R5k 180MHz o2 support? framebuffer? o2, does it work? Re: Problems booting indy Same problem with my Personal Decstation 5000/25 Segfaulting while building tftpimage on MIPS SGI Indy running Debian Linux 3.0 For Sale! tftp booting off a RH box? thinking about IRIX for Indy Trying to boot the install for Woody mipsel on Decstation 5000/240 unsubscribe which hardware of the Indy is supported by Linux? Wide differential SCSI disk .. X server blanking out virtual consoles? X Server clue? XFree-4.2.0 for MIPS The last update was on 16:40 GMT Fri May 24. There are 137 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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