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Re: Debian woody support for Origin 200

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 08:47:47AM -0500, Yvar Hoogland wrote:
> does the woody version include support for the Origin 200 ? it uses 2 x
> MIPS R10k or 20k processors and I don't seem to find any confirmation on
> support for these architectures except that O2's with the same processors
> are NOT supported

The O200 is basically supported with a 64Bit Kernel - Its still a bit
experimental. The userspace is like debian-sparc 32bit which means
you can run the debian-mips userspace. There is no installer or
kernel image as none of the debian people up to now seems
to have access to an O200.

Check out the kernel source from cvs at oss.sgi.com (See Mips FAQ)
and build a cross toolchain (Mips FAQ) compile your kernel and
try to boot the debian base via nfs/dhcp root.

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