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Re: thinking about IRIX for Indy

"Daniel Crealer" <dcrealer@hotmail.com> writes:

> I recently inherited and Indy (one of the faster ones with 256MB RAM).
> I thought I'd try to install my favorite Linux distribution on it, but
> after reading some of the articles here it looks like it would be hard
> to install without a solid Internet connection 

How solid is solid? I did it the base install over a 64k ISDN connection.

and I wouldn't have any
> decent web browser to use even if I managed to get it installed. 

What's decent? Lynx? Galeon? Mozilla? 

> If just installing Debian could really be easy, I'm pretty open to that
> to, Netscape be damned.

I learned a lot by it being a little tricky ;-)

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