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Re: Trying to boot the install for Woody mipsel on Decstation 5000/240

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 07:41:14PM +0200, Karsten Merker wrote:
> I have never booted via mop, but I assume the process is the same
> as via tftp, where you boot like 
> boot 3/tftp console=ttyS2

I use mopd with the ecoff file in /tftpboot/mop/ symlinked to a filename
of the hardware ethernet address, and I told dhcpd to do bootp ip
resolution for the hardware address, and added it manually to arp just
in case (buggy firmware is often the case), and then ran mopd and did
'boot 3/mop console=ttyS2' after 'setenv console s' and got output from
a nullmodem to minicom.

After that I managed to make the HD work better when I discovered the
HD power supply was flacky and I replaced that.

> BTW, there seems to be a bug in the serial console code which
> occurs when you have the firmware console on a graphics card
> but run linux with serial console, so switch the firmware console
> to serial port (setenv console s) before booting.

Yeah I discovered that on a web page I found.

> The PMAG-AA is unsupported due to a rather simple reason: the guys
> who wrote the framebuffer support do not have one (and an appropriate
> monitor). Do you know what kind of video signal the PMAG-AA emits?
> Is this a plain "normal" analog video signal with 1Vss, that can be 
> displayed by a "normal" multisync monitor, or is this some kind of 
> "digital" TTL-level signal?

It uses a single wire.  It is mono.  I suspect it is a composite style
or a TTL level.  Not sure which.  I kinda doubt the TTL given the high
resolution it runs.  It works with netbsd so example working code exists. :)
Maybe something for me to work on.

I also noticed that one page says second network cards don't work, while
another page says they do.  I am not sure what the state is.  NetBSD of
course has had long enough to work on it to get that part working too,
and it can't be too hard given they are the same chip.

Well hopefully I can turn this into a debian firewall sometime.

At the moment dbootstrap is doing it's thing downloading packages.

Len Sorensen

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