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Re: 24Bit graphic on Indy?

Hi Daniel,
On Wed, Jun 05, 2002 at 12:06:25PM -0500, Daniel Schrock wrote:
> I was never able get 24bit working properly.  Text was unreadable, the display was choppy, etc.  I attribute it to having to adapt the example from 8bit to 24bit and probably forgot something.  Yea, you could say it is my fault for forgetting something, but I am not an XFree86 master and have no clue where I could have gone wrong.
The 24bit support is still experimental. It's very slow and there's
still a bug that you have to switch back and forth to the console once
to get the display right.
In XF86Config change:
        DefaultDepth 8
	DefaultDepth 24
in the screen section. If you still have display problems it's a bug in
the driver and please let me know about it then.
Does this help?
 -- Guido

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