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thinking about IRIX for Indy

I recently inherited and Indy (one of the faster ones with 256MB RAM).
I thought I'd try to install my favorite Linux distribution on it, but
after reading some of the articles here it looks like it would be hard
to install without a solid Internet connection and I wouldn't have any
decent web browser to use even if I managed to get it installed.  So
I'm thinking maybe I'm better off with IRIX.  One huge problem with IRIX
is that it doesn't come with any of the hundreds of packages Debian
does.  Is there some way to get these packages on CD to install them
en masse? Ideally precompiled, but if it's all automated so I can just select what I want and have the compile go off without any hitches (might take a few days, but that's OK) that would be all right too. Or
even if I have to download off the net and burn my own CD that might be
OK too.  The main thing is that it doesn't take up an enormous amount of
my time.

If just installing Debian could really be easy, I'm pretty open to that
to, Netscape be damned.

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