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Re: Trying to boot the install for Woody mipsel on Decstation 5000/240

Karsten Merker wrote:
> The PMAG-AA is unsupported due to a rather simple reason: the guys
> who wrote the framebuffer support do not have one (and an appropriate
> monitor). Do you know what kind of video signal the PMAG-AA emits?
> Is this a plain "normal" analog video signal with 1Vss, that can be 
> displayed by a "normal" multisync monitor, or is this some kind of 
> "digital" TTL-level signal?

The DS 5000/100 manual states for all types of monochrome monitors:

	Video input
	- Termination		75 ohms BNC
	- Amplitude		1.0 Vpp composite video


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