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Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Help getting missing classes found by prottest Re: [Reproducible-builds] Usefulness of periodic reproducible builds e-mails Adding maven artifacts to library package Re: Bug#794214: org.apache.batik.dom.svg.SVGDOMImplementation Re: Bug#798343: libbcprov-java-doc: Package does not contain docs, api folder empty Bug#800579: ITP: abego-treelayout -- Efficient and customizable treeLayout algorithm in Java Bug#800606: ITP: antlr4 -- ANTLR Parser Generator Bug#801103: nano: Syntax highlighting for Groovy files Bug#801683: ITP: gradle-debian-helper -- Helper tools for building Debian packages with Gradle Bug#802279: ITP: jeromq -- Java implementation of the ZeroMQ messaging library Bug#802312: ITP: tomcat9 -- Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine Bug#802333: ITP: geronimo-concurrent-1.0-spec -- Apache Geronimo Concurrency Utilities for Java EE API Bug#802585: ITP: httpcomponents-asyncclient -- HTTP/1.1 compliant asynchronous HTTP agent implementation Bug#802629: ITP: geronimo-jta-1.2-spec -- Apache Geronimo JTA 1.2 API Bug#803599: RM: libcommons-net1-java -- ROM; obsolete, superseded by libcommons-net-java Default JRE and Java plugin Fwd: Eclipse does not start on SID/Stretch on LinuxPPC Eclipse plugin package - looking for a mentor Failed to obtain signature: org.codehaus.mojo.signature:java15:1.0 Re: gnukhata, swt and gtk3 Re: groovy should not release with stretch Help getting missing classes found by prottest Re: Help needed for Java dependencies of Beast2 package Java and running minecraft Java problem when upgrading pixelmed java-common_0.52.1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: jPedal / JavaFX PDF Viewer: jsonevil libcommons-lang-java packaging? Packaging Java Pathfinder Packaging org.eclipse.jetty.alpn for Debian Patches for gluegen2 2.3.1 package Re: plans for eclipse luna in debian Processing of java-common_0.52.1_amd64.changes Removal of libcommons-net1-java RFS: gradle_2.7-1 RFS: knopflerfish-osgi/5.1.0+dfsg1-3 Re: RFS: knopflerfish-osgi/5.1.0+dfsg1-3 - [UPLOADED] Re: Transition from libcommons-httpclient-java to libhttpclient-java Re: Fwd: A typo in the description-en of libtrilead-ssh2-java The last update was on 06:49 GMT Sun May 19. There are 127 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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