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Re: RFS: gradle_2.7-1

Adding to Suggests sounds good, so be it :) And I will switch it to cglib3 later.

Markus Koschany <apo@gambaru.de> 於 2015年10月6日週二 02:10 寫道:
Am 05.10.2015 um 20:00 schrieb 殷啟聰:
> Hi,
> I did not have the time to check the build-rdeps. My major plan is to
> update groovy now.
> Maybe we can place full runtime as Recommends and leave headless one as
> Depends, and explain it in the package description? Splitting out a new
> package seems odd, since launching GUI is using a parameter instead of
> using another command.

I think Emmanuel's advice is correct. If you recommend the full JRE it
will be pulled in by default, that is the standard behaviour on Debian
systems. Hence I think adding it to Suggests: and one or two sentences
in the package description are the way forward .



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