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RFS: gradle_2.7-1

Hi Debian Java maintainers,

I recently finished up updating Gradle to 2.7 (although there will be
2.8 soon). This update covers the ongoing transition to
libservlet3.1-java. Note that this version of Gradle will be built
using the existing gradle_2.5-3 in sid/unstable. I am looking for
someone to review and sponsor the package. Can anyone help? Thank you!

Here is the changelog:

  * New upstream release
  * d/copyright: Simplify file exclusion pattern with *.min.js
  * Remove maven_testng.diff: No longer needed.
  * d/control:
    - Remove maven from Build-Depends
    - Add libcglib-java to Build-Depends
    - Build-Depends on gradle (>= 2.5)
    - Add checkstyle to Recommends
    - Add dh-exec to Build-Depends
    - Add java6-runtime to Depends as an option
    - Replace dependencies of libservlet2.5-java and libtomcat7-java to
      libservlet3.1-java and libtomcat8-java
    - Replace default-jre-headless with default-jre: Gradle has a GUI interface
  * d/rules: No need to copy gradle-core codes to buildSrc
  * Remove fix_DocGenerationException.diff: No longer needed
  * Update maven_jcommander.diff to jcommander.diff
  * Remove build_init.diff: Obsolete
  * Remove taskOrdering.diff: Obsolete
  * d/rules: Updtae parallel Gradle usage
  * Add an application menu entry for Gradle GUI
  * Add symlinks to all Gradle jars in /usr/share/gradle, making a pseudo
    making a pseudo Gradle installation
  * New d/generate-classpath.gradle and generate_classpath.diff: Auto generate
    classpath attributes to jar manifest
  * Refresh use_local_artifacts.diff and jetty.diff to migrate to Tomcat 8
    (Closes: #801014)

Kai-Chung Yan

* 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan
* 一生只向真理與妻子低頭
* Full-time student of National Taichung University of Education
* LinkedIn: <https://linkedin.com/in/seamlik>
* Blog: <seamlik.logdown.com>

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