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Re: plans for eclipse luna in debian


On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 13:23:41 +0100, Luca Vercelli wrote:
> I found out that eclipse depends on sat4j 2.3.4, and we have 2.3.3.
> There are some classes more in 2.3.4, so it is required.
> I have built 2.3.4 from source, it's quite easy. I just had to write
> some pom's myself. how can I share these?

It may have been worth getting in touch :-) - as sat4j maintainer in Debian I
should apologise that I had failed to notice that 2.3.4 (and even 2.3.5) are
out. The SVN tag names have changed, hence I hadn't been notified in any way.

Now I am wondering whether it would be ok to package 2.3.5 straight away, or
does Eclipse strictly depend on 2.3.4?

Also: I'd be more than happy to have share sat4j maintenance.


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