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Re: Transition from libcommons-httpclient-java to libhttpclient-java


I have filed bug reports to remind us and fellow maintainers that the
following libraries are obsolete or should / can be updated to newer

- libcommons-net2-java
- libasm3-java
- libcommons-httpclient-java
- libservlet2.5-java

I have also created a Wiki page which provides a simple overview about
those ongoing transitions and removals of old libraries.


So next time someone wants to get involved with the Java team, just
point her to this new page.

If someone has a better insight into the Maven 2->3 transition, please
add some information to this page or even create a dedicated one.

I took Emmanuel's objections into consideration and chose severity
"normal" for libcommons-httpclient-java and libservlet2.5-java. The
former library has a large number of reverse-dependencies and some
bigger projects have not even started the migration yet. But forwarding
those bug reports should raise awareness at least. Only upstream can
really solve this issue.

We discussed libservlet2.5-java again on IRC and Emmanuel's point of
view is that keeping libservlet2.5-java has value despite the fact that
we removed other implementations like libservlet2.3 or libservlet2.4 in
the past.

I think the merit of this bug reporting is that it reminds us of old or
obsolete libraries which can be replaced. At some point in the future
they will be removed from Debian. Therefore I don't consider it to be
"more" work but work which must be done eventually. Everyone feel free
to decide for yourself.



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