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Re: Fwd: A typo in the description-en of libtrilead-ssh2-java

On Tue, Oct 13, 2015 at 9:47 PM, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> On Tue Oct 13 15:13, Milan Antonijevic wrote:
>> I tried writing to the @debian.org address, but it bounced with
> Hi, I'm afraid I'm no longer involved with the Debian project. I've copied the
> Debian Java team list, hopefully someone there can help.
>> I have noticed a typo in the package description, that *could* prevent
>> someone from finding it..
>> Description-en: Java SSH
>> *libarary*
>> I would assume it's supposed to be "library"?

In general the way to get issues like this fixed is to report a bug:


However, this bug is already fixed in the latest version as you can see here:


Generally minor issues like this don't get fixed in older releases.



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