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Re: Default JRE and Java plugin

On 07.10.2015 12:28, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
Le 07/10/2015 11:47, Matthias Klose a écrit :

Not moving/or renaming the iceded-plugin to java-defaults would need
rebuilds of the icedtea-web package on the version change. Not a big
deal, but that's why I don't like 3.

I'm not sure to understand the rebuild issue. If we split
src:icedtea-web, we'll have:

- src:icedtea-web producing icedtea-7-plugin
- src:icedtea-8-web producing icedtea-8-plugin
- src:icedtea-9-web producing icedtea-9-plugin (in the future)

With an intermediate package we would have this dependency chain:

     default-jre -> default-java-plugin -> icedtea-8-plugin

and with the solution 3 we would have:

     default-jre -> icedtea-8-plugin

as a recommends or as a suggests.

In both cases, a transition to Java 9 implies uploading
src:icedtea-9-web first and then switching the dependency in
src:java-common. Did I miss something?

when you remove icedtea-8-plugin, you cannot directly re-install it without relying on, or knowing the versioned name.

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