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Re: Packaging Java Pathfinder

Le 24/10/2015 07:50, Marko Dimjašević a écrit :

> According to the Debian policy for Java [1], "[p]ackages must not ship
> gcj-code without the permission of the Java team
> (<debian-java@lists.debian.org>)." What would it take to get the
> permission from the team to have JPF packaged as a gcj-package?

I can't speak for the team, but I feel that if GCJ doesn't improve the
speed by more than 15-20% on amd64/i386 it's probably not worth the trouble.

> I have no experience with packaging Java, but I do have experience with
> creating a package with Debhelper for a C++ tool. Any pointers to
> examples for gcj-packaging JPF would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry I have never used GCJ for a new packages so I can't really help,
but I suggest looking at the few packages depending on gcj-native-helper
(ant, libitext-java and hsqldb1.8.0 for example).

Emmanuel Bourg

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