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Re: Java problem when upgrading pixelmed

Le 08/10/2015 13:40, Bas Couwenberg a écrit :

> Due to the difficulties getting JCS [0] and its dependencies [1]
> packaged, I've not been able to update to any of the newer JOSM upstream
> releases making the josm package increasingly irrelevant. And if I
> remain unable to get JCS packaged, I'll have josm removed from the
> archive before the freeze.

I noticed that JOSM imports directly the sources from the trunk of JCS
using svn externals. JCS is still in a beta state, the API isn't stable,
so if we upload the version 2.0-beta-1 there is no guarantee it will
work with JOSM. In this case I think you should just go ahead and use
the version of JCS bundled with JOSM.

Note that JOSM fetches only the jcs-core module, so you don't need the
jcache stuff and you don't have to wait for geronimo-jcache-1.0-spec to
enter unstable.

Emmanuel Bourg

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