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Re: [Debian-med-packaging] Help getting missing classes found by prottest

Hi Andreas,

> i    [mkdir] Created dir: /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/build/empty
>    [javac] Compiling 120 source files to /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/build/classes
>    [javac] /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/src/main/java/es/uvigo/darwin/prottest/ProtTest.java:23: error: package mpi does not exist
>    [javac] import mpi.MPI;
>    [javac]           ^
>    [javac] /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/src/main/java/es/uvigo/darwin/prottest/ProtTest.java:55: error: package pal.misc does not exist
>    [javac] import pal.misc.Identifier;
>    [javac]                ^
>    [javac] /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/src/main/java/es/uvigo/darwin/prottest/ProtTest.java:56: error: package pal.tree does not exist
>    [javac] import pal.tree.Tree;
>    [javac]                ^
>    [javac] /build/prottest-3.4+dfsg/src/main/java/es/uvigo/darwin/prottest/util/factory/ProtTestFactory.java:30: error: package pal.alignment does not exist
>    [javac] import pal.alignment.Alignment;
>    [javac]                     ^
> ...
> I have no idea why neither mpi nor pal classes are found since I tried
> to add mpj and pal but obviously failed.

If I modify buildconf/project.properties to use the Debian paths, I am able to build.
I can push my changes to the repo if you want.


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